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choco harlequin cookies

So, I may be a little biased on this one (and, by extension, the whole list) because white chocolate is my favorite. But no words can explain how exquisitely the pastry’s white chocolate covering and caramel insides fit together so perfectly. I would recommend stashing these cookies away from public eye, so as to not have them stolen immediately.

As part 2 of the Dihybrid Cross of Cookies, we find that the rounded shape of the cookies is genetically unfavorable while the white chocolate drizzles are genetically favorable. What I like best about this cookie is that the caramel complements the milk chocolate nicely. Neither flavor outweighs than the other, which makes the pastry much more delectable.
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The Vanilla Cream Roll is one of the most underrated cookies by Kirkland. Every time I see a Belgian chocolate box out in the open, these poor little wafers are often left untouched. The vanilla cream filling of this straw-like sweet is heavenly. It’s almost as if the sweet is actually a chocolate-covered cereal straw with milk (aka vanilla cream) stuffed inside of it.
I don’t usually get to eat much of these, since my sister will devour them before I get the chance. However, as the third quadrant of the Dihybrid Cross of Cookies, the square edges and milk chocolate drizzles work perfectly with the creamy filling. Plus, the name makes the cookie feel 0.07% cooler to eat.
Whether it’s watching the gentle flakes of snow cascade onto the bare trees and breaking my back shoveling it all up, listening to the Christmas carolers down the street and your next-door neighbor Karen complain about the local government’s response to the blizzard, or smelling the hot chocolate on the stove and the salt lining the asphalt on the roads, I love it all. Don’t give me ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and candy corn – give me Santa Claus, presents, and candy canes!
Stars are great! They light up the sky in most areas not named New York City and serve as a source of inspiration for many artists. However, as much as I love starlight, I don’t love Kirkland’s Starlight cookies.
These cookies take the cake for mixing some of the best flavors out there in one, round cutout of heaven. Its name led me to believe there would be too much chocolate, but luckily the almond undertones prevented it. This treat is definitely not something you want to miss.

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The holidays are coming, and so are the cookies! See where your favorite Kirkland Signature Belgian chocolate cookie places on this list.

Choco harlequin cookies

Shortbread carefully dipped on both ends in Belgian dark chocolate.

A generous layer of Belgian dark and white chocolate over delicious shortbread.
Delicious biscuit coated with Belgian milk chocolate.

European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate
Fine pastry covered with Belgian white chocolate and waves of Belgian dark chocolate.
Creme wafer coated with Belgian dark chocolate.
A thick layer of Belgian white chocolate over a delicious hazelnut-filled creme wafer.
Intense, dark Belgian chocolate over a delicious biscuit perfectly accented with flakes of Belgian dark chocolate.

A uniquely hazelnut biscuit covered in Belgian milk chocolate with expertly applied Belgian white chocolate accents.

CHOCOLATE. It is a processed, typically sweetened food produced from the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree. COOKIES. It is a small, flat, baked treat, usually containing flour, eggs, sugar, and either butter or cooking oil, and often including ingredients such as raisins, oats and chocolate chips. And when you combine these chocolates and cookies, ibang…