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chemdawg #4 strain

Chemdawg #4 strain

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Since the joint also triggers the munchies, those who have lost their appetite will be chowing down in no time. Cancer patients suffering from nausea and vomiting can savor their favorite food again. At the same time, people with eating disorders will also find edibles tempting once more.
The herb also prospers outdoors and can reach up to 7-foot tall. In the northern hemisphere, it is ready for harvest by mid to late October. If no harm touches the charmer, growers can expect a whopping 700 to 850 grams of tasty buds per plant.

Chemdawg #4’s cerebral buzz doesn’t kick in until after 15 minutes or so. It’s not one that users should toy around with, though. With a THC volume that shoots up to 27%, it gives a soaring high that only an extremely potent cannabis can bestow.
by Bonza · Published June 21, 2018 · Updated January 29, 2020
Within a few minutes, a powerful physical high will come surging in. It will put the entire body into a deep tranquility. Every muscle will soften, and one won’t be able to stop himself from melting into the couch.
This cannabis is best grown by experienced individuals. Boasting of huge colas, growers need to install a support for its long but not so sturdy branches. Regular trimming and pruning are also necessary to maintain its vitality. Unlike most Indica-dominant strains, this one grows quite tall. For this reason, cultivators who want to try their luck with this beauty should be able to offer ample space.
For those new to this cannabis, its sedating effect may come a bit earlier. It can even put them to sleep right away. Those familiar with Chemdawg #4’s strength, however, can ride on its relaxing high for hours. At the end of the journey, a definite profound slumber awaits.

If consumed in large doses, some may also experience bouts of dizziness. In a worst-case scenario, increased anxiety levels and paranoia may even occur. It is important to know one’s capacity before taking in this mean puncher. And, going low and slow is always the best route to go.

The champion of its line, Chemdawg#4 is a favorite of veterans and newbies alike. It provides an uplifting and relaxing high that has long-lasting effects.