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cheap blunts

The Torpedo Kingsize Pre Rolled Cones provide you with tonnes of flavour in a pre-rolled form. And in XXL size it lasts even longer.

Introducing Tobacco Free Natural RIPS Wraps into the Shiva catalogue.
The long awaited Double Platinum Blunts are now available in many gorgeous flavours! Buy 5 and get 1 free!

We all know tobacco is bad for our health. But, many people don’t want to give up their favourite consumption method. Juicy Jay have have bridge the gap for blunt smokers with these Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps.
The Kingpin Tobaco Free Wraps are a must have! Not only they smoke so much better than tobaco but they also give you a deliciously mellow taste!
The Torpedo Kingsize Pre Rolled Cones provide you with buckets of flavour in a pre-rolled form. Available in 4 flavours (more to come)
Pre-rolled blunt cones that feature bamboo tips that have been soaked in flavour for seven days! Xtra Slo Cyclone Blunts deliver an intense experience.
Simply put, you can’t beat the flavour of a Juicy Jay Wrap!

You need to note that blunts will burn as quickly as cigarettes and last on average for about five minutes. This is in contrast to a premium cigar that can take up to an hour to burn. Unlike cigars though, you will not have to cut the end as they are either already cut or they have a hole at the end. You will also notice a substantial difference in price, with blunts making less of a dent on your bank balance!

Our blunts and papers are for the discerning smoker who likes to roll their own tobacco/herb mix cigars.