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Autoflowering marijuana seeds

Autoflowering seeds are a type of Autoflowering marijuana seeds that have certain advantages over normal photodependent strains. There are several different formats within this kind of cannabis, being the Auto fem the most demanded, although many Auto XXL, CBD-rich automatics, and even regular autoflowering are also grown.

Comparison of the best autoflowering plants, which one to buy?

We have more than 850 autoflowering seeds, if you prefer to play it safe you can choose any of those listed in this comparison that will not disappoint you.

The meaning of the autoflowering concept means that has the ability to flower automatically, as opposed to the usual photodependent marijuana, which relies on the hours of light and darkness to grow or flower. Normal strains grow when they have enough hours of sun or artificial light, and start flowering when they perceive that they have less hours of light or that the nights are longer.

On the other hand, plants that come from auto seeds start flowering spontaneously after 3 to 4 weeks of life, regardless of the hours of light or darkness they have.

What is the ideal seed for me? Buying guide

If you prefer to learn more why you need a specific type of seed, these options could be your solution:

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If you are a first time grower and want to make growing easy and simple, this selection of seeds is for you.

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What are the best auto seed banks?

Currently there are several banks that have autoflowering cannabis genetics, and from our point of view these are the best:

How are auto seeds in general?

They are marijuana plants of fast cycle, this means that their life is shorter and their rate of development is faster in general. As a general rule autos do not reach the height and yield of normal flowering strains, although there are exceptions.

Autoflowering strains are descended from ruderalis, a subspecies of cannabis different from sativas and indicas, and this is what makes them different. Ruderalis emerged in a very northern latitude, between Hungary and Russia, where summers are very short and the cold comes very early each year. This meant that this new species of cannabis had to flower very quickly if it wanted to mature seeds, and over the years and natural selection stabilized the gene that forces it to self-flower.

How do you know if a seed is autoflowering?

The autoflowering seeds are exactly the same as the rest of marijuana seeds, the fact that it is auto does not change the appearance of the seed, since the appearance, color, or size of the same is given by their genetics.

The only way to know if a seed is auto or photodependent normal, is to plant it and wait at least 1 month. If you grow this seed indoors with a photoperiod of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness, and after 1 month of life does not bloom, it means that it is not autoflowering.

Advantages of autoflowering cannabis seeds

  • thumb_upGrowth: They usually grow with the speed of sativas but in a compact way like indicas, thanks to their great hybrid vigour.
  • thumb_upCold: Autoflowering seeds tolerate cold weather fairly well, without stopping their development in many cases.
  • thumb_upLight: Light pollution is not a problem for Autoflowering.
  • thumb_upHarvest: You can harvest outdoors several times a year.
  • thumb_downLeaves: They usually produce more leaves, so their calyx / leaf ratio is lower
  • thumb_downResin: Plants that generally produce less resin
  • thumb_downMother plants: It is not possible to keep selected mother plants from auto seeds, because they bloom with any photoperiod.

Are autoflowering seeds better for beginner growers?

From our point of view yes, auto seeds are better for inexperienced growers because they are easier to grow, withstand stress better, and don’t require as much attention as regular strains.

In indoor growing they don’t need you to change the photoperiod from growing to flowering, these plants start flowering when they reach sexual maturity, whatever the amount of light and darkness they have.

Outdoors they withstand low temperatures much better than most normal genetics, and insect attacks don’t affect them as much as other types of cannabis. Thanks to their height and faster life cycle, they go unnoticed much easier.

If you grow autos on the terrace you will see that they can flower properly even when, because of street lamps or other lights, the darkness of the night is not total. You can’t do that with photodependent seeds.

Autoflowering seeds can take more food without the risk of over-fertilisation, their great hybrid vigour allows them to withstand any form of stress much better.

Difference between autoflowering or feminized seeds

Although auto and feminized seeds may appear to be identical, the plants that come out of them have several significant differences, which you can see below:

  • filter_1The leaves of auto seeds are usually 5 or 7 leaflets at the most, when normally feminized and other photodependent seeds have between 7 and 13 leaflets (The “fingers” of the leaves)
  • filter_2 Autoflowering plants tend to grow with the speed of sativas but in a compact way like indicas, thanks to their great hybrid vigour.
  • filter_3 Automatic seeds withstand cold weather fairly well, without stopping their development in many cases, unlike the feminized ones that stop or even die.
  • filter_4 Autoflowering strains tend to produce more leaves, so their calyx/leaf ratio is lower than that of photodependent feminized strains.
  • filter_5 From auto seeds come out plants that generally produce less resin than normal flowering genetics.
  • filter_6Light pollution is not a problem for autoflowering, but normal varieties can not bloom if it is not in total darkness.
  • filter_7You can harvest outdoors several times each year with automatic seeds, but with normal feminized seeds you can only have one harvest per season
  • filter_8You can’t keep mother plants selected from auto seeds, because they flower with any photoperiod, unlike normal ones.

If you want to go deeper into this topic, I recommend you read an article of our blog comparing auto and normal varieties, there you can see in a more extensive way all these differences.

Can an autoflowering plant give seeds? Creating autoflowering strains

There are 2 ways to create autoflowering seeds, the easiest way is to cross 2 100% autoflowering strains, that way the new strain will be autoflowering too. For example, if you pollinate a Blueberry Auto with a Black Mamba Auto, all the offspring will also be autoflowering.

But the best way to create autoflowering seeds is by crossing a normal plant with one of ruderalis ancestry, and then stabilizing the autoflowering trait in all the offspring. This way is not as easy as the previous one, and requires much more time to get a fairly uniform variety, but it is the only way to introduce the genes responsible for autoflowering in a non-auto genetics.

When you cross a photodependent with an autoflowering, the first generation or “F1” is not autoflowering, this is because autoflowering is a recessive trait, which they contain in their genetic information but do not show in the first generation. The ideal in F1 is to cross several specimens similar to the non-auto part, which are usually elite clones.

In the second generation about 25% of autoflowering individuals come out, and to detect them what is done is to put them all to grow at 18 or 20 hours of light per day, and after 1 month those that have not begun to bloom are removed. Once you cross only these autoflowering specimens that are left, all the following offspring are auto too, but the ideal is to make a last cross between them to fix well this special quality.

How to plant autoflowering seeds

Although in general the cultivation is very similar to that of normal cycle plants, there are some details that must be taken into account when growing autoflowering seeds. The most important is that when flowering spontaneously after 3 or 4 weeks of life, you have to try that during this short period of vegetative growth do not have any problem and reach the largest possible size.

This must be taken into account both indoors and outdoors, because otherwise the plants will not produce as much as they could, but there are also specific factors for each type of crop, and we are going to see them below.

How to plant autoflowering marijuana seeds outdoors

Many growers can only grow cannabis outdoors, and for them automatic seeds are a very interesting option, because they can harvest several times throughout the year. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started, which you can check out here:

When is the best time to plant auto seeds outdoors?

If your intention is to get the highest yield possible, wait until spring or summer, the more hours of sunshine, the greater the capacity for development and production in general.

But if you just want to harvest to have something to smoke until the next crop, you can germinate at any time except winter, which isn’t worth it unless you plant them in a greenhouse and give them extra supplemental light.

For growers who can only grow auto seeds and want to get as many harvests as possible throughout the year, there are some very interesting strains for their growing speed, you can see them here in our article “Fastest autoflowering strains”.

Where can autoflowering plants be planted outdoors?

Because of the discretion that gives its more compact and reduced size, autoflowering seeds can be planted in pots on balconies, terraces, urban gardens, gardens, patios, or directly in the ground in gardens or guerrilla. Another good option are greenhouses, because they protect the plants against bad weather conditions such as rains.

Ideally, look for a location that receives the maximum amount of direct sunlight each day, because the more light the better. If you are going to plant several seeds in mother earth, remember to leave a space between them of at least 1 meter, so they won’t block the light between them.

Pot and substrate Which are best for outdoor autos?

If you can’t plant in the ground directly, the best pots to plant autoflowering seeds outdoors in spring or summer, are the big ones, of 20 litres capacity or more. In the case of not having much experience of cultivation, we recommend to plant the seeds in the final pot to avoid having to make transplants. If you do it this way, remember that you can’t soak all the soil in the pot until the plants are big, it is better to water little by little around the stem when they are small, and increase the diameter of the watering as the plants grow.

The substrate is best All Mix type, but as loose and spongy as possible, so that the roots don’t have too much trouble colonising the whole space. It is very advisable to add fungi and beneficial bacteria to the substrate and in the first waterings, because this way the root system develops earlier and is subsequently protected against the attack of other pathogens.

Other things to consider before planting auto seeds outdoors

  • It is better not to do aerial pruning so as not to slow its growth, if you want to boost production in the secondary branches the ideal is to do Supercropping (Fold the main tip so that other branches are higher.
  • Beware of deficiencies during the vegetative growth phase, as any problem that makes the plant understand that it lacks food can cause it to start flowering earlier, and therefore grow less.
  • If you decide to transplant , do not wait until the roots have colonised all the substrate before moving the plant to another pot, as it will have lost development. You must transplant very carefully before the roots start to become entangled.

Which are the best autoflowering seeds for outdoor growing?

In general all autoflowering marijuana strains can give good results outdoors, but there are a number of auto seeds that stand out for their strength, resilience, adaptability, and high yield in outdoor crops, these are:

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Critical Plus Autoflowering Magnum Amnesia Lemon Autoflowering Power Plant Auto XXL Haze XXL Autoflowering
Thanks to its resistance and versatility, these seeds give good results in any circumstance, being the best option for beginners or inexperienced growers. One of the best selling auto seeds for its high stature and great production. It is a good choice for off-season outdoor growing, as it finishes larger than most autoflowering strains. Auto with sativa effect and high production of buds and resin. It contains an outstanding hybrid vigour, which allows it to withstand different types of stress without losing production. A very strong all-round variety, with sativa effect and old school flavor. Very good yields of large caliber buds and medium hardness, with good amount of resin. Height and yield similar to Magnum, but more powerful and tasty thanks to its Haze ancestors. Its strength greatly facilitates its cultivation, as there is nothing to stop its rapid development.

If you have been left with more desire to see other auto seeds that go very well in outdoor growing, I recommend you take a look at this article of our blog that talks about the best autoflowering varieties for outdoor growing, you’ll like it.

How to plant autoflowering seeds indoors

In indoor growing we have the possibility to control the light and environmental parameters, so it is easier to maintain the ideal environment for growing autoflowering plants. This type of marijuana plant has the ability to flower with any amount of hours of light and darkness, unlike the photodependent varieties that need a constant darkness of 12 hours of darkness daily to bloom properly.

Another difference with respect to outdoor cultivation is that normally a greater number of plants per square metre are planted, to try to make the most of the artificial light, so they are planted in smaller pots as well. If you want to grow ruderalis genetics as a professional would, you will be interested to read this post of our blog that gives 10 essential tips for growing automatic flowering cannabis plants.

Pot and substrate ideal for growing auto seeds indoors

As a general rule you put between 9 and 16 automatic plants per square meter of indoor growing, although in some cases you can put up to 25. If you put 9 I recommend choosing pots of 11 or 15 liters, if 16 can go in containers of 7 or 11 liters, and if you decide to put more than 16 ideally go in pots of 7 liters.

The substrate is preferably aerated, not easily compacted, and as for outdoor cultivation, it is advisable to add fungi and beneficial bacteria. To avoid possible problems with transplanting, we recommend planting directly into the final pots.

Auto XXL are larger than normal autoflowering plants, and this should be taken into account when choosing the number of plants and the capacity of the pots. In some cases it is enough with 4 plants/m2 to cover all the illuminated space, and we have even seen autoflowering seeds that with only one specimen occupy an entire 1M x 1M cabinet, but in hydroponic cultivation.

Tips to get the best results when growing autoflowering plants indoors.

  1. Photoperiod: The more hours of light, the higher the overall yield, but you don’t need 24 hours of light per day. A photoperiod of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness is perfect for this type of plants, but if you don’t want to spend so much electricity consumption, 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness per day is enough to get great yields.
  2. Nutrition: Autoflowering genetics admit higher doses of fertilizers than normal ones, but they can also suffer from over-fertilization. We recommend adding root stimulator to irrigation during the first 2 or 3 weeks of life of the plants, because a healthy and strong root system is the basis for great harvests of autoflowering marijuana.
  3. Pruning: It is not very interesting to cut the main tip of autoflowering varieties, it is better to leave them natural. But something that can improve the yield is to prune low at the beginning of flowering, removing all the low branches that do not receive much light so that the high tips give a plus of production.

Best autoflowering seeds for indoor growing.

Mamba Negra Auto Gorilla Glue Auto Blueberry Auto Cheese Auto
If the Northern Lights marked a before and after in indoor growing back in the 80s, its autoflowering version is not far behind. Compact plants, very easy to grow and huge buds. From our point of view is one of the most complete auto seeds of all time. Its great resistance allows it to perform well even if it doesn’t have the best conditions, and its taste is a delight. Special variety for those who claim that the autoflowering are not very powerful. It is an ideal weed for cannabis extractions for its amount of resin and aromatic terpenes. A classic that you have to try at least once in life. Within the automatic flowering strains, it is one of the tastiest without any doubt, and its medicinal indica effect is very appropriate for many disorders. The most intense aroma and flavor you can imagine in an automatic variety. Outdoors it can give you away, that’s why we prefer its indoor cultivation, where its contained size is never a problem of height.

There are many autoflowering marijuana seeds that can give great yields in indoor crops, but if you want to see the best in this regard, do not miss our blog article “The most productive autoflowering varieties”.

Autoflowering sativa seeds

When the first autoflowering strains came out, they were all relaxing and narcotic effect, but with the passing of the years and the breeding work of many breeders and producers, nowadays we have some auto seeds with sativa effect very interesting, and for us these are the 5 best ones:

Colombian Gold Ryder Pineapple Express XXL Auto Auto Cinderella Jack Chocolope XXL Auto Original Auto Sour Diesel
World Of Seeds brought to market this classic pure Colombian sativa in auto version, and we must recognize that it is very successful, because it maintains the sativa character but with a very fast growing cycle. Sativa autoflowering very complete, with Hawaiian ancestors that provide an effect of high psychoactivity and total stimulation, with a delicious fruity smoke that falls in love from the first puff. Great work by Dutch Passion, who managed to stabilize a 100% autoflowering variety with the most outstanding qualities of the legendary Cinderella 99, outstanding power and flavor. Excellent automatic replica of a great clone of Chocolope selected in Spain. It grows quite a lot, and develops many branches that at the end of flowering end up loaded with buds with euphoric effect of first quality. The auto version of the best sativa hybrid of America could not miss in this ranking. Intense flavor, clean effect, and large buds, are its hallmarks, and its cultivation is no difficulty.

question_answer FAQ about Auto Seeds

How many grams can you get from an autoflowering plant?

The normal yield of an autoflowering seed ranges between 30 and 120 grams dry, but as with normal flowering strains, the total yield depends on many factors. There may be autoflowering strains that due to stress or other growing problems yield less than 30 grams, but there are also strains that produce more than 120 grams of ready-to-eat buds.

What is the best time to plant autoflowering plants?

summer is undoubtedly the best season for growing autoflowering plants outdoors, because it is when there are more hours and incidence of light. Indoors it doesn’t matter so much what time of the year they are planted, as long as good environmental parameters are maintained, the autoflowering plants will perform well.

Which are the most productive autoflowering strains?

Auto XXL seeds are usually the ones that produce the most buds. But not all autoflowering varieties of high stature have in their name the term XXL, Magnum, Moby Dick Auto, or Deimos, have nothing to envy in performance to the XL or XXL, so it is interesting to read the data sheets of the seeds before choosing.

How many hours of light does an automatic plant need?

The answer is the more the better, because the more hours of light the higher the production, that’s why we recommend a photoperiod of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness or 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness in indoor, and it is better the summer season in outdoor crops.

How to grow autoflowering plants well?

The most important thing is that the plants reach their maximum size before they start to flower. For this it is essential that they have a quality substrate, as spongy and oxygenated as possible, so that the roots can colonize it as soon as possible. A good way to achieve this is to add micro-life mixed with the soil, and/or give it to them in the first waterings. Root stimulator also helps a lot in this regard. Watering is another important factor, it is better to water with osmosis water and PH regulated between 6.0 and 6.5, and respect the dry cycle between waterings. To get the best results it is crucial that they have the maximum possible light, both in time and intensity, and remember that pruning the main tip of the cars is not a good idea.

How big do autoflowering plants grow in bloom?

This type of plant continues to grow quite a bit during flowering, just as sativa genetics do. Normally during flowering they triple the size they had when the first pre-flowers came out, but some only double their size, and some XXL plants can grow up to five times their initial height.

What is the best fertiliser for autoflowering plants?

The best fertilisers for growing autoflowering plants are those specifically for this type of plant, such as Auto Stimulator by B.A.C. or Top Auto by Top Crop for example. But that does not mean that you can not get great results with normal fertilizers for marijuana, the important thing is that they have a good balance between macro and micronutrients.

Top 10 Cheap Autoflowering Seeds 2022

If you’re growing on a budget it’s important to choose the best genetics without spending a lot, here’s a list of our top 10 cheapest seeds that will reward you with top-shelf buds for only 9 euros each!

1. Cinderella Auto

Cinderella Auto is a high-yielding auto with 23% THC that resulted from a cross between our own autoflowering genetics and extremely potent Cinderella genetics, specially selected by our breeders.

Heavy yielder, strong structure, pine nose, forgiving and easy to grow, can increase yield even more with some LST and defoliation

Thanks to its Sativa heritage, this plant can grow up to 1.2m tall with a large internodal spacing and several side branches that will be completely covered in frostbitten buds by week 8-9 from seed.

This strain provides an extremely sweet and smooth taste that will remind you of peaches and pineapples, providing a powerful cerebral high while relaxing your muscles and getting your creative juices flowing with a euphoric and uplifting high, a great strain for social events or creative activities like drawing or writing.

Bud appearance is slightly more on the Indica side with fat and dense nugs covered in a thick layer of extremely sticky resin. The aromas when opening the jar is incredible with strong tropical and skunky notes with some pine undertones. The effects of this strain are very balanced with a euphoric and happy feeling at the beginning then slowly starting to stone you with strong relaxed feelings. ” -JohnnyBlaze

Grow Tips
  • This strain doesn’t need much maintenance so make sure to feed it properly.
  • Due to the heavy-weight buds, it’s essential you have a few stakes ready to provide support.

2. Big Bud Auto

Resulting from a cross between extremely resilient genetics, this super easy to grow Indica-dominant strain offers 23% THC and super yields in as little as 8 weeks.

Big Bud Auto can grow up to 120cm, it produces multiple bud sites which will be filled with bright green buds completely covered in trichomes in around 8-9 weeks. This strain is super forgiving to beginner mistakes and can yield up to 500gr/m 2 , making it perfect for everyone who wants an easy-to-grow strain.

Thanks to the floral, fruity, and sweet terpenes you can expect a really complete effect which is divided into two; You’ll experience a gentle head rush that will gradually fade out into a relaxing and chill effect that is not sedative but can get you couch-locked if that’s what you’re looking for.

Grow Tips
  • Due to the dense buds, it’s recommended to perform SCROG or LST to allow more airflow between the buds.
  • Even though she’s a hefty producer make sure you don’t feed in excess.

3. Trainwreck Auto

With around 22% THC this strain is a beautiful hybrid that will leave you flying all day long. Growing around 70-120cm, this cultivar develops one large main cola and shorter side branches filled with several bud sites, yielding up to 550gr/m2 in 8-9 weeks.

Trainwreck Auto produces medium-sized super sticky buds with a unique flavor of spicy deep citrus lemons terps with a sweet aftertaste, making it perfect for extractors and demanding hash makers.

You can expect a calm and pleasant head high that promotes a peaceful state of mind without the feeling of paranoia or laziness, this is a daytime strain for anyone who needs a little motivation to start a busy day.

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Grow Tips
  • Feed it properly and start with a light nutrient dose to avoid overfeeding.
  • We recommend growing in 12-liter pots to allow the plant to reach its full potential.

4. Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia Haze Auto is strongly recommended for growers who live in hotter climates, where you will see her really take off in height reaching up to 150cm and producing huge yields of up to 450-650 gr/m 2 in less than 75 days.

an almost ideal smoke for weekends, vacations, going out, parties, just chilling with friends or driving around (preferably not behid the wheel lol).

With up to 22% THC this strain is a must for every grower who wants to try the old-school classics in auto form and for those who enjoy long-lasting strong cerebral effects. You can expect thick and dense buds with an abundance of trichomes and bright orange hairs which will reek of orange citrus with floral overtones and a flavor identical to its aroma.

After taking the first puff you will experience a cerebral roller coaster that stimulates all the senses while still feeling focused and motivated, that energized sensation will slowly turn into a more lethargic and relaxed mindset as time passes, a great strain for gaming, writing, or just hanging out with friends.

Grow Tips
  • Like all other Sativa-dominant, this strain prefers light doses of nutrients so make sure you go easy especially on the Nitrogen.
  • We recommend going easy on the plant training because Sativas are more sensitive to stress.

5. Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto can be grown without much maintenance, making it perfect for beginner growers who will be rewarded with 600gr/m 2 of top-shelf buds with up to 20% THC in around 9 weeks.

just finished this grow a week and a half ago, yielded around 160g off one and about 100 on another. dry. 5 out of 5 from me!

Her buds are super frosty with swollen calyxes all over, a fantastic option for hash makers who will benefit from the mouthwatering mix of spicy, peppery, earthy, and fruity terpene-profile which provides a face-melting couch lock effect on your entire body.

This incredibly resilient gem is perfect for beginners, recommended for those who prefer a good couch-lock effect and fast-acting Indica-dominant hybrids that will relax you all day long, especially after a long day of work, to induce sleep or if you just want to shut down for a bit.

Grow Tips
  • This strain loves a big feeding so make sure you flush properly to remove nutrient build-up.
  • A perfect strain for those who grow in a Sea of Green.

6. OG Kush Auto

The most powerful from our Originals line, our Auto version of the famous OG Kush tested at 23% THC and is a true expression of the world-known strain.

You can expect OG Kush Auto to grow between 70-110cm and thanks to her Indica heritage, will yield up to 550gr/m 2 of insanely loud flowers in around 63 days.

mental and physical relaxation with just a touch of euphoria, not spectacular but quite enjoyable when you have work to do but need to be medicated

This strain develops bulky and stocky and produces rock-hard buds with very dense calyxes and a pungent earthy, piney, and citrusy terpene profile which leaves a creamy taste in the mouth, with kerosene and chemical overtones that make for deliciously potent mouth-watering extractions, perfect for hash makers looking to take their products to the next level.

You will experience an extremely potent full Indica-like effect which will eave you heavy-bodied and couch-locked for a long time, smoking too much will make you go to sleep so we recommend it for medicinal patients, old-school smokers looking for that classic smoke, or for those looking for a nighttime smoke.

Grow Tips
  • Be careful when growing this strain, her insanely loud terpene profile can attract unwanted attention.
  • OG Kush Auto prefers a big feeding so make sure you gradually increase the amount of nutrients.

7. Bubblegum Auto

Our Auto version of this old-time classic offers the perfect blend of Indica and Sativa genetics, with up to 20% THC she will be ready in 9 weeks from seed and will reward you with delicious tasting flowers.

she still yielded pretty well but if I knew she ‘d be so small I’d planted not one seeds but two. As it was my grow tent was half empty.

Bubblegum Auto grows between 80-130cm with one large main cola and several side branches covered in buds from top to bottom, she will develop quite bushy and resemble a Christmas tree as she expresses her balanced genetics mix.

Her compact buds look like they’ve been soaked in resin, giving her a super sticky look and feel, her impressive bag appeal is only overshadowed by her juicy strawberry smoothie aroma which is combined with funky and sweet undertones leaves your mouth feeling like you ate a berry lip balm.

This strain will leave you with a nice sense of clarity and creativity, perfect for social scenarios, appreciating nature, or starting the day motivated.

Grow Tips
  • This strain can grow quite tall in some cases so make sure you have enough space available.
  • We recommend plant training around week 4 to enhance the yields even further.

8. AK Auto

AK Auto is a strong Sativa-dominant strain also known for its extremely powerful effect that will get you high as a kite with just one hit, while also being very easy to grow, and super resistant, thanks to its pedigree genetics. Thanks to its homogeneous structure, plants can be closed together and it’s a great strain for a Sea of Green.

reminds me of the stuff we smoked back in the day, energetic and easy going high. this was my favorite of the originals i’ve grown

You can expect up to 500gr/m2 in around 63 days, the glistening buds develop an elongated shape and will grow stacked together in really long colas which can reach up to 100cm.

The old-school mix of earthy, floral, and piney with a touch of lemon citrus aromas will leave the whole room smelling like a fresh forest while you feel an energizing and exhilarating effect that isn’t too racy while also feeling a pleasant mellow body high that will keep motivated, an incredible genetic for keeping organized and focused during a hard day of work.

Grow Tips
  • Growers who live in a wet climate don’t have to worry about mold or mildew due to its high resilience.
  • Make sure you have the trim bin ready when harvesting because not only the buds but also the surrounding leaves will be full of trichomes.

9. Cheese Auto

This terpene heavyweight produces one of the most unique terpene profiles out there, smelling like straight cheese with up to 21% THC, this plant yields up to 550gr/m 2 in around 9 weeks. Despite growing up to 110cm, Cheese Auto grows stout with thick Indica fan leaves and thick side branches filled with greasy buds from internode to internode.

Nice relaxing body high with little paranoia. A great evening smoke or after getting home from work. I’m really very happy with it.

The buds are dark green with brown pistils that reek of a pungent dank cocktail of sharp sour, earthy, and tangy edge, making it one of the tastiest terpene profiles out there, perfect for hash makers and extractors looking for unique terpene profiles.

As soon as you light a joint you will feel a strong narcotic effect which will leave you melting on the nearest sofa, this is a very good option for avid consumers who love a potent strain to smoke in the evening before bedtime or just relaxing in the couch with a bag of chips.

Overall she looked good the entire grow. She has a well compact but dense structure when provided with enough light you would have good production from top to bottom.
In the week nearing harvest we had a nice autumn shade cover the tops.” – PharmaZ

Grow Tips
  • When flowering this strain is super pungent so we recommend a filter to eliminate the strong smell.
  • Extremely recommended for hash makers due to its insane trichome production and delicious terpene profile.

10. Jack Herer Auto

The multiple award-winning strain is now in auto version in honor of the world-famous cannabis activist. This Sativa-dominant plant yields up to 500gr/m 2 , the impressive yields come hand-in-hand with 21% THC and long fat buds which develop bright orange hairs and are drenched in trichomes. This medium-sized cultivar can reach up to 90cm in height and despite her Sativa heritage, she will grow with short internodal spacing.

Really liked this, we abandoned her for a bit while camping but she survived! We pressed all her sticky buds into rosin. Will grow again!

Jack Herer Auto has a unique combination of sweet earthy, spicy and citrusy terps that expresses the full spectrum of floral and fruity terpenes, the complex terps provide a very pleasant effect that allows you to quickly relax while being alert and focused.

Due to her fine balance of Indica and Sativa genetics, it’s a great strain for smokers with a low tolerance, and for consumers who are looking for a strain to go through a long day with a clear head and stress-free. In this timelapse of our Jack Herer Auto, you can see she’s growing beautifully and gradually growing pistils which will end up being delicious smelling flowers.

Grow Tips
  • This strain can be grown in colder climates but growers can achieve outstanding results in hotter climates.
  • She may take a little longer to trim but expect a lot of trichomes in your trim bin, perfect for making extractions and hash.

11. In conclusion

It really doesn’t matter if you can’t afford the most expensive seeds out there, you can grow top-shelf buds in as little as 9 weeks without spending a penny over $9.

Top 10 Cheap Autoflowering Seeds 2022
Strain THC Yields Grow Cycle Strain THC Yields Grow Cycle
Cinderella Auto 23% 450 – 550 gr/m2 8 – 9 weeks OG Kush Auto 23% 450 – 550 gr/m2 9 weeks
Big Bud Auto 23% 400 – 500 gr/m2 8 – 9 weeks Bubblegum Auto 20% 450 – 550 gr/m2 9 weeks
Trainwreck Auto 22% 350 – 550 gr/m2 8 – 9 weeks AK Auto 21% 400 – 500 gr/m2 9 weeks
Amnesia Haze Auto 22% 400 – 650 gr/m2 10 weeks Cheese Auto 21% 400 – 550 gr/m2 9 weeks
Northern Lights Auto 20% 500 – 600 gr/m2 9 weeks Jack Herer Auto 21% 400 – 500 gr/m2 9 weeks

If you have grown one of our top 10 cheapest strains please share your experience with fellow autoflower growers in the comment section below!

21 Cheap Weed Seeds $7 and Under

List of the cheapest marijuana seeds for sale online. A buyers guide to low-price fem, reg, and auto seeds. Fast shipping to the USA and worldwide.

The cheap weed seeds listed below are for sale as single seed and multiple seed packs. They have been organized into 3 sections: cheapest feminized, regular, and autoflowering weed seeds. Prices may change and are subject to exchange rates, so order now to save big!

Cheapest Feminized Weed Seeds

Feminized seeds can be bought as single seed packs for just a few dollars each. Since every seed is a guaranteed female, it makes growing many different weed strains very cheap. The “fem” seeds in this section are sorted by lowest price, ranging from $4 to $7.

Badazz OG Cheese Feminized Seeds

Badazz OG Cheese by Seedsman is a sativa dominant hybrid bred between one of the West Coast’s best OG strains and the legendary classic, UK Cheese. Yields, flavors, aromas, and cannabinoid content are all taken to the next level. The vigorous plants grow dank buds with a surplus of terpenes, retaining the OG lineage’s Diesel flavor and the much-loved Cheese taste. Its effects are potent, uplifting, and energetic. 15–20% THC. Currently one of the two cheapest single fem seeds for sale on Seedsman.

Flowering Time 65 days; Mid-October
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/10/100 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500 g/m2
Outdoors: 800 g/plant

Buy Badazz OG Cheese Feminized Seeds

The White OG Feminized Seeds

The White OG by Seedsman is an indica dominant hybrid bred between two prominent American strains—OG Raskal and the 1st place Cannabis Cup winner, Rollex OG Kush. The plants stay short and grow hard, dense buds coated in thick resin. It’s exactly what you’d expect a good Kush strain to be; potent, pungent, and earthy-sweet with heavy, narcotic effects. 15–20% THC. Another one of the two cheapest fem seeds sold on Seedsman.

Flowering Time 60–65 days; Late Oct–early Sep
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500 g/m2
Outdoors: 700 g/plant

Buy The White OG Feminized Seeds

Special Kush #1 Feminized Seeds

Special Kush #1 is the lowest-priced and best-selling feminized seed strain in the RQS collection. It is an 80% indica hybrid comprised of Hindu Kush and Afghani genetics. The plants prefer to be grown outdoors in warm climates where they can reach above 10 feet tall. Indoors, restricting plant height is advised. The buds are tight, compact, and have a sweet/earthy hash taste typical of Kush strains. Full body stone and clear, expansive high. 17% THC. A great value for the money with single seed packs priced under $5.

Flowering Time 7–8 weeks; Late September
Seed Breeder Royal Queen Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 425–475 g/m2
Outdoors: 550 g/plant

Buy Special Kush #1 Feminized Seeds

Special Queen #1 Feminized Seeds

Special Queen #1 by RQS is an easy to grow, productive Power Bud x Skunk hybrid available at a competitively low price. It grows well in nearly all environments. Indoors, SOG or SCROG techniques are recommended for best returns in terms of yield. Flowering takes approximately 8 weeks. Outdoors, Special Queen #1 can grow over 9 feet tall, ready to harvest during late September. Its uplifting, heady high is also quite relaxing. Pick n’ mix these single fem seeds at the best marijuana seed bank for a little more than $5 each.

See also  Butterfly Weed Seeds
Flowering Time 9 weeks; Early October
Seed Breeder Royal Queen Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500–550 g/m2
Outdoors: 550 g/plant

Buy Special Queen #1 Feminized Seeds

Kryptonite Feminized Seeds

Kryptonite is a mostly sativa strain bred from a selection of Pyramid Seeds’ own genetics grown in the mountains of Granada, Spain. It’s a suitable strain for both indoor and outdoor cultivation with a relatively fast flowering time. The plants can reach over 8 feet tall and form long, thin, dense, resinous buds. Kryptonite tastes similar to Haze, with powerful narcotic, sedative highs. 17% THC. In the seven-dollar price range.

Flowering Time 60–65 days; September
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500–600 g/m2
Outdoors: 500–1000 g/plant

Buy Kryptonite Feminized Seeds

Galaxy Feminized Seeds

Galaxy by Pyramid Seeds is a 70% indica Afghani x Northern Lights hybrid featuring a quick bloom cycle, high THC content, and rewarding harvests of heavy colas that need to be held up as the plants mature. Galaxy grows into a mostly indica plant with a bushy formation that can get a little tall. Recommended for indoor cultivation or dry climates. Chocolate minty flavors. 27% THC. Single seeds are priced around seven dollars.

Flowering Time 50–55 days; September
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500–600 g/m2
Outdoors: 400–2000 g/plant

Buy Galaxy Feminized Seeds

Criminal Feminized Seeds

Criminal + is a fast and productive mostly indica hybrid bred between the high yield strain Critical Mass and Double Glock, a powerful indica variety from Ripper Seeds. The resulting plants contain each parent strain’s finest qualities, from gaining more resistance in structure to improvements in yield, potency, and flavor. A steal of a deal at close to $7.

Flowering Time 50–55 days
Seed Breeder Ripper Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5 seeds
Yield High

Buy Criminal + Feminized Seeds

Cheapest Regular Weed Seeds

Regular seeds are typically sold as multiple seed packs because they sprout both male and female marijuana plants. The regular seed strains listed in this section are arranged by lowest price per pack, priced from $11 to $21. Included are premium hybrids and landrace genetics.

Northern Light Special Regular Seeds

Northern Light Special® seeds by KC Brains are premium Northern Lights genetics for sale at a super low price. A great mostly indica strain for indoor growing, it is also highly adapted to the outdoors. The plants are easy to clone and compact in growth with massive size potential. Its pungent sweet buds are a potent narcotic. 18–20% THC. Only 11 dollars buys you a 5-pack of seeds.

Flowering Time 8–11 weeks; September–October
Seed Breeder KC Brains
Pack Size 5 seeds
Yield Indoors: 350 g/plant
Outdoors: up to 750 g/plant

Buy Northern Light Special Regular Seeds

Tropical Mix Regular Seeds

Tropical Mix by Ace Seeds is a unique selection of tropical sativa strains, the kind admired by cannabis connoisseurs and known to contain elevated levels of THCV. Included in the mix are Double Thai, Green Haze Thai, Purple Haze Thai, Oldtimer’s Haze, and Guatemala. Ideal for cultivation outdoors in warm climates. These low-maintenance plants have a very long life cycle and offer excellent mold resistance. Clean, racy highs. Bargain bin pricing from under $15.

Flowering Time 12–16 weeks; November–December
Seed Breeder Ace Seeds
Pack Size 5/10 seeds
Yield 350 g/m2; 450–500 g/plant

Buy Tropical Mix Regular Seeds

Kumaoni Regular Seeds

Kumaoni is a traditional Himalayan marijuana variety sourced from a district in northern Kumaon bordering Tibet. This vigorous, hardy cannabis strain grows tall with long internodes that develop loose, resinous buds. Purple colors are typical. The Kumaoni landrace is adapted to heavy rain, cold, and humidity. Recommended to collectors and for those who value Himalayan charas. Affordably priced under $18 for 5.

Flowering Time Mid-October–early November
Seed Breeder The Real Seed Company
Pack Size 5/12 seeds
Yield 1–2 kg/plant

Buy Kuamaoni Regular Seeds

Ace Mix Regular Seeds

Ace Mix by Ace Seeds is a surprise mix-pack of their premium indica and sativa hybrids containing the genetics of Nepal, China, Guatemala, Uzbekistan, Congo, Malawi, and Vietnam landrace marijuana strains. All of the cannabis seeds are hand-selected and tested for the highest quality. A great value with 5-packs for sale under $18.

Flowering Time Varies
Seed Breeder Ace Seeds
Pack Size 5/10 seeds
Yield Varies

Buy Ace Mix Regular Seeds

Rasoli Regular Seeds

Rasoli is a Nepalese landrace that comes from the Himalayan village of Rasol. The hand-rubbed charas from this area is regarded by aficionados as some of the finest in the Parvati region. Growers can expect tall plants with long internodes and loose, extremely resinous buds. It has an alluring aroma and smooth, peaceful highs. A good strain for making hash. Prices start at right below $20.

Flowering Time Late September–October
Seed Breeder The Real Seed Company
Pack Size 5/12 seeds

Buy Rasoli Regular Seeds

Malana Cream Regular Seeds

Straight out of Malana village, these Himalayan cannabis plants produce the high-grade hand-rubbed mountain charas known as Malana Cream, some of the most expensive hash on the market. It is prized for its great aromas, high oil content, ultra-stickiness, and chill, heady high. The tall and lanky plants grow with long internodes and can reach up to 6 meters tall outdoors. Their buds are loose, shiny, and dripping in resin. Recently introduced hybrids have shown themselves in plants with skunky/hybrid characteristics. A super deal at less than $20 for 5.

Flowering Time Late September–October
Seed Breeder The Real Seed Company
Pack Size 5/12 seeds
Yield High

Buy Malana Cream Regular Seeds

Master Kush Regular Seeds

Master Kush is a famous award-winning marijuana strain known for its beautiful, super frosty looks. It was bred using two landrace Hindu Kush strains, which created an indica dominant hybrid that stays short, stocky and dense, while naturally suited to colder climates. Its earthy buds give pleasant, narcotic effects. 19–22% THC. Master Kush seeds are priced cheap at 21 bucks per 10-pack.

Flowering Time 8–10 weeks; Late September
Seed Breeder MSNL
Pack Size 10–500 seeds
Yield 500–600 g/m2

Buy Master Kush Regular Seeds

Cheapest Autoflowering Weed Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are for sale as feminized and regular seeds. Both will flower automatically regardless of light hours. Feminized autoflowering seeds, known as “auto fem” seeds, are the best selling. You can pick and mix cheap auto fem seeds on this list from $4 to $7 per single seed pack.

Lemon Autoflowering Seeds

Lemon Auto by Seedsman is an inbred cross autoflowering marijuana strain created by crossing Lemon Haze to Lowryder #2. These medium-sized plants tend to grow in a single cola formation with little side branching, making it ideal for Sea of Green cultivation indoors or a stealthy outdoor crop. The smell is a mixture of Skunk and citrus. Currently the cheapest auto fem single seeds for sale on Seedsman.

Grow Time 2.5 months
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds

Buy Lemon Auto Autoflowering Seeds

Super Hash Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Super Hash is an autoflowering version of Pyramid’s supremely resinous Super Hash strain, created from Hash Plant and G13 genetics. An excellent strain for hash and rosin making, it gets covered in a mass of trichomes throughout the leaves and buds. The fast-finishing plants can be grown both inside and outdoors, reaching a height between 28 to 56 inches. Hashy buds with long-lasting sedative effects. 17% THC. Pick and mix for just over $6 each.

Grow Time 56 days
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5 seeds
Yield 550 g/m2

Buy Auto Super Hash Autoflowering Seeds

Royal Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds

Royal Dwarf Automatic is a compact variety that grows quickly and flowers automatically. It was bred from a selection of RQS’ autoflower strains crossed to Skunk and then backcrossed to the autoflower parent for stabilization. Cultivated indoors, the plants stay around 40 to 70 cm tall, while outdoors, they grow slightly bigger. The buds are dense, resinous, and smell quite strong. Relaxing, mildly cerebral high. 13% THC. Cheap auto seeds in the seven-dollar price range.

Grow Time 8–9 weeks
Seed Breeder Royal Queen Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 150–200 g/m2
Outdoors: 30–80 g/plant

Buy Royal Dwarf Automatic Seeds

New York City Autoflowering Seeds

Auto New York City is a mostly sativa autoflower strain based on the famous New York City Diesel genetics. A mold resistant variety perfect for growing outdoors, it also does well indoors under grow lights, staying around 12 to 24 inches tall. The plants develop many side branches that get stacked with bud sites. Fresh, citrus-like qualities and a high bud-to-leaf ratio for easy trimming. Potent, cerebral effects. 18% THC. A good auto fem strain for around $7.

Grow Time 67–70 days
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500–550 g/m2
Outdoors: 30–120 g/plant

Buy Auto New York City Autoflowering Seeds

Fresh Candy Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Fresh Candy Auto is an autoflowering version of Sweet Tooth, a mostly indica variety from Spice of Life Seeds. Pyramid has crossed it with ruderalis to make a quick finishing, easy to grow indica dominant strain that yields candy-sweet marijuana. The plants grow to a height of anywhere from 2 to over 5 feet tall. Auto Fresh Candy gives a heavy, physical stone. 17% THC. Low-priced auto fem singles for just below seven bucks each.

Grow Time 50–60 days
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500–550 g/m2
Outdoors: 30–130 g/plant

Buy Auto Fresh Candy Autoflowering Seeds

Amnesia Gold Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Amnesia Gold is an autoflowering version of the exemplary Amnesia Gold. It has the genetics of viz. Lennon, Amnesia and ruderalis. This mostly sativa auto strain grows into a medium/tall plant between 24 to 62 inches tall. Its strong branches get loaded with bud sites, leading to heavy harvests indoors and out. Auto Amnesia Gold’s sweet citrus smoke brings on cerebral, psychoactive effects. 19.3% THC. Premium genetics for cheap, starting under seven dollars.

Grow Time 10–12 weeks
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5 seeds
Yield 600 g/m2

Buy Auto Amnesia Gold Autoflowering Seeds

White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

Auto White Widow by Pyramid Seeds is one of the most popular cheap auto fem seed strains for sale online. Made with White Widow genetics and ruderalis, it is a versatile weed strain for any indoor/outdoor garden. The highly adaptable plants grow between 20 to 60 inches tall into a Christmas tree shape. They are sensitive to the under- and overapplication of nutrients. Auto White Widow’s potent, frosty buds deliver a smooth smoke, providing long-lasting mental and physical effects. 16% THC. A best-selling auto strain to grow for less than $7.

Grow Time 75 days
Seed Breeder Pyramid Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5 seeds
Yield Indoors: 550 g/m2
Outdoors: 40–200 g/plant

Buy Auto White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change. We do not promote or undertake in illegal activity. Know the laws in your location before buying seeds online.

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3x2x5 grow area? 5 being the height? 6 plants. In small areas mold is a real threat. Depending on where you live a fan going all day is necessary. Look for indica or smaller plants. Smaller grow pots=smaller plants. Good luck.

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