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champagne diesel

Wyatt from Gambia

The Champagne Diesel strain is a hybrid strain both sativa as indica with a level of 21 percent THC. This strain has approximately 1% CBD. Champagne Diesel is geneticly corresponding with Champagne Kush and Sour Diesel with an average of 70% sativa and 30% sativa. Grow Champagne Diesel seeds and it will result into a stunning cannabis plant with a great yield. Growing Champagne Diesel seeds is fun and with the right info anyone can cultivate this cannabis plant, with a regular flowering time to be ready.
Read the Champagne Diesel seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Champagne Diesel seeds.

Stephen from Belarus
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This strain is a great sativa hybrid. Crushes anxiety and inflammation. It’s also very pretty and taste great.
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First time taking tokes from this strain. And the first thing I can say Is the smell is so sweet. For all my aromatic stoners this will be a very nice scent for you to want to continuously smell! Once smoked you get a sweet light smoke. Not to dense ( used roll up ) and the high was very smooth it gradually pulled me up into the sky off of my seat. Yes this one is a good one to try. If you see it you must give it a try! 5 Stars !

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Gorilla Snacks by Heroes of The Farm is an odoriferous passion project that combines two extremely resinous strains. Its lineage is a mixture of GG4 and Guinness, a Scooby Snacks F3 backcross that took well over a year to develop. This strain naturally creates an abundance of trichomes, giving the plant a stunning appearance. Gorilla Snacks has a strong aroma with pungent notes of pine, herbs, and sweetness. Enjoy Gorilla Snacks when you have some free time, as this strain’s powerful buzz may steer you away from strenuous mental or physical activity.

Grape flavor or “purple” flavor is another popular quality in fine cannabis, and Grape Ape has it in abundance. This aromatic attribute adds depth and dimension to Dark Shadow Haze and Mountain Girl in Mountain Girl x Grape Ape.
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Gassy terpenes are widely sought after, and for good reason! Champagne Diesel and Buddha’s Tooth both bring a piece of the Diesel lineage to the party, enhancing the aroma and effects of Champagne and Blue Dream, respectively.

Mountain Girl x Grape Ape by Pilot Farm is a heavy hybrid cross that combines the herbal, earthy aroma of Mountain Girl with the grape flavor of Grape Ape. The effects are a mixture of heavy physical relaxation, stress relief, and appetite stimulation, making Mountain Girl x Grape Ape a fantastic strain for the end of the day. Its sedative effects compound with continued consumption, offering a steady descent into restfulness.

Champagne Diesel is a tasty combination of Sour Diesel and Champagne. Both strains are well-known for their effects and aromas. Sour Diesel mixes its pungent chemical fragrance and heady stimulation with Champagne’s relaxing physical high and enjoyable sweet flavor to create a winning combination that is greater than the sum of its parts. This bud’s frosty appearance and bright orange stigma contrast against its light green foliage, giving the plant an alluring appearance alongside a sweet and pungent smell.

Buddha’s Tooth is an uplifting, social strain created by Phantom Farms. It’s a cross of the ever-popular Blue Dream and the hippie-dippy Diesel strain, Dharma Diesel. This sativa-dominant cross offers invigorating physical and mental effects as well as an enticing floral aroma, making Buddha’s Tooth an excellent option for social gatherings. These stimulating effects also imbue the consumer with cerebral energy that keeps the mind more or less clear while playfully prodding creativity.

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Mighty Quin from Phantom Farms is an uplifting cross of CBD-dominant and THC-dominant strains. Bred from Harlequin and City of God, this strain is a mixture of old world cannabis genetics and physically stimulating attributes. Mighty Quin’s cerebral energy puts a luster on even mundane tasks, making them a little more interesting and engaging. It has a sweet, forest flavor that opens with notes of fruit and sage on the palate. Enjoy Mighty Quin for its pleasant euphoria and complex herbaceous flavors.