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With CBD usage growing in popularity, you might have wondered, can CBD cause dry mouth? Is it one of the side effects? Read on to find out! Do CBD supplements leave an unpleasant dryness in your mouth? Here’s why it happens and what you can do about this constant dry and pasty mouth sensation.

Can CBD cause dry mouth?

Dry mouth is a symptom often associated with the use of cannabis (marijuana). Also known by the terms ‘pasty mouth’ and ‘cotton mouth’, dry mouth can prove to be quite an unpleasant feeling. However, many people nowadays are wondering whether hemp-derived CBD can cause dry mouth as well? This post will answer that question, and explain what you can do.

Before we delve into these questions, let’s take a brief look into the science behind the dry mouth.

The science behind dry mouth

The scientific name for dry mouth or cotton mouth is Xerostomia. It is a reduced salivary flow that causes an unpleasant dry sensation in the mouth.

Before cannabis legalisation brought about a wide selection of products seen in pharmacies and shops today, recreational smoking was the primary method of cannabis use. In those times, it was believed that dry mouth was caused by the thick smoke that arose from burning cannabis.

However, as users began vaping cannabis, dry mouth persisted as a side effect. Gummies, oils, and capsules yielded the same results. Scientists thus began to study this problem. In 2006, Juan Pablo Prestifilippo and his colleagues in Buenos Aires, Argentina, began their search for potential causes of dry mouth.

Their study on cannabis-induced xerostomia is the most in-depth study on the subject to date. The researchers carried out experiments on male rats and found that cannabinoid receptors (type 1 and type 2) were located in specific locations in the submandibular glands. These glands are responsible for producing 60-67% of the saliva.

The researchers further discovered that the cannabinoid anandamide (AEA) attaches to these receptors and alters salivary production, resulting in hyposalivation (decreased saliva production). This was the primary reason for the dryness of the mouth.

Does CBD cause dry mouth?

To put it simply, it probably does. Although, it has been noted that THC in Cannabis is far more likely to cause dry mouth as compared to cannabidiol (CBD). However, CBD is not entirely exempt from this side effect. Many hemp-derived CBD oil users also report oral dryness as a side effect.

Moreover, there are a few studies that show that CBD might cause oral dryness. In 1986, one study noted that the side effects of oral CBD administration included dry mouth. Since then, many other studies have also noted cannabinoid-induced dryness of the mouth.

The 2006 study discussed above suggests that the use of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC may play a vital role in inhibiting saliva production. However, one thing still unclear from this study is whether CBD would yield the same results on its own. Therefore, more research is needed to confidently conclude whether CBD alone can cause dry mouth.

Is it dangerous for health?

It is important to understand that a certain level of saliva production is essential at all times. Saliva helps lubricate the mouth and enables us to taste the food, swallow and speak. It also protects the mouth, teeth, and throat from viruses, bacteria, and other unhealthy microorganisms. Saliva levels that are consistently low as a result of cannabis and CBD use can cause oral dryness. If left untreated, it can lead to other potential side effects, like:

  • Sore throat
  • Bad breath
  • Hoarseness
  • Tingling in the mouth
  • Raw or red tongue
  • Cracked lips
  • Mouth sores
  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities
  • Periodontal disease
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CBD and dry mouth: What can I do about it?

If you are experiencing a dry mouth, there are several things you can do to help alleviate it. These include:

  • Staying hydrated: Sipping water frequently will help mitigate this issue. Also, avoid alcohol-based beverages like beer or wine. These contain tannins that further dry out the mouth.
  • Chewing sugar- free gum
  • Maintaining a regimen of brushing teeth at least two times per day using fluoride enriched toothpaste.
  • Reducing the intake of citrus-based food and alcohol-based breath sprays and mouthwash. These can further dry out the mouth.
  • Sucking on ice cubes. These can help keep the saliva flowing and break the monotony of drinking water constantly.
  • Eating foods that require prolonged chewing, such as beef jerky or dried fruit. These can help stimulate the production of saliva.
  • Licking lollipops or sucking on sour flavoured hard candy. These actions greatly stimulate saliva production.
  • Using cough medicines, which are also known as demulcents. These help to reduce mouth dryness by covering the mucous membranes with a dewy film.
  • Drinking herbal tea also helps reduce the dry feeling in the throat.


In conclusion, the answer to the question, ‘Can CBD cause dry mouth?’, is yes, it might. There is strong anecdotal evidence from CBD users as well as some evidence from limited studies conducted on this topic. While dry mouth is majorly associated with cannabis use, hemp-derived CBD products are also seen to inhibit saliva production that causes this unpleasant condition. However, there is a need for further research on this topic to come to any definitive conclusion.

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Can CBD Cause Dry Mouth?

Do CBD supplements leave an unpleasant dryness in your mouth? Here’s why it happens and what you can do about this constant dry and pasty mouth sensation.

Article By

From pills to gummies, CBD is gaining popularity due to its seemingly endless health benefits. Though CBD products are considered safe for human consumption, it comes with a few side effects.

Whether you consume CBD for medicinal or recreational purposes, these products often result in a dry mouth or what’s known as cottonmouth. Here’s why it happens and what you can do about it.

Table of Contents

Why Does CBD Cause Dry Mouth (CottonMouth)?

Though CBD causes minimal side effects, it’s impossible to disregard the fact that this cannabis product is responsible for the most common adverse effect – dry mouth.

For some, dry mouth can last for a couple of hours or until the effects of the CBD wear off.

Cannabis Affects the Salivary Glands

The dry sensation occurs when the CBD products inhibit the secretion of saliva in the mouth.

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The CBD oil alters how the salivary glands respond and prevent them from secreting the regularly required amount of saliva in the mouth. This results in irritability and pain on the tongue and mouth, making you feel more thirsty.

Presence of Impurities

Impure CBD can contain toxic byproducts, causing severe health hazards. These impurities can irritate the mouth and lungs, leading to cottonmouth or irritation of the mouth and throat.

If you’re experiencing severe dry mouth, itchiness, or swelling of your mouth and throat — visit a doctor immediately; this is not a normal side effect of CBD.

Incorrect Dosage

Numerous food safety agencies have advised users not to exceed 80 – 90 mg of CBD daily for healthy adults. Exceeding this can cause side effects like cottonmouth.


Different CBD forms result in various side effects. For instance, smoking or dabbing CBD can damage your lungs and cause sore throat, severe coughing, and dryness in the mouth for some users.

Using Sprays & Tinctures

CBD-infused sprays and tinctures are applied directly into the mouth and quickly reach the salivary glands, causing dry mouth.

Using these CBD forms more frequently can cause an unpleasant stinging sensation and burns, in some cases.

Vape Inhalation

Vaping CBD is much safer than smoking as it produces less toxic byproducts. However, the thinning agents and flavoring additives used in vaping oil pose serious health hazards.

When vaped, these harmful additives may result in cottonmouth, severe cough, and lung injuries for some users.

What Can I Do About Dry Mouth From CBD?

Experiencing dryness in the mouth and throat after ingesting CBD is quite common. It often doesn’t take much CBD consumption to induce this adverse effect. Heavy CBD users may experience a constant dry mouth effect, which can be highly annoying.

Preventing cottonmouth is better than having to combat it when it happens. Here are a few remedies that can help de-escalate this unpleasant experience before it escalates.

1. Stay Hydrated

The best way to reduce or prevent the offset of cottonmouth while using CBD oil is to consume plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Also, drinking other hydrating liquids immediately before, during, and after consuming CBD can help mitigate this annoying issue to a certain extent. Drinking warm herbal teas can keep you hydrated and prevent an irritated or sore throat.

2. Increase Saliva Production

Using toothpaste and lozenges that promote saliva production can help mouth dryness. Sucking on hard candies or lollipops is also helpful. Taking demulcent cough drops will create a moist film coating on the mucous membranes and prevent dryness in the throat and mouth.

3. Chew Gum

Opting for CBD-infused chewing gum is one of the best and innovative ways to include this supplement in your diet. The CBD gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the capillaries present in your tongue. Most natural CBD gum supplements do not contain artificial ingredients and are flavored with peppermint essential oil and xylitol.

Another method to effectively cure cottonmouth is by chewing gums that contain xylitol. This natural sugar helps stimulate the salivary glands and increases the production of saliva in the mouth.

These CBD chewing gums are available in different potencies, so stick to the recommended dosage to avoid this effect.

4. Try Another Form of CBD

When using CBD, opt for topical or oral consumption instead of vape or smoke inhalation. Numerous CBD products are available that do not require vaping or smoking. This protects your lungs and prevents harmful components like carbon monoxide from infiltrating your bloodstream.

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Ingesting CBD capsules, oils, and edibles is less harmful and prevent dryness in the mouth and sore throat. Also, CBD gels, lotions, balms, and creams can prevent CBD from causing the dry effect in the mouth, as it only acts on the site of application.

5. Eat Fruit

Fresh citrus fruits like orange, pineapple, or lemon can help eliminate dry mouth. Some individuals claim that drinking pineapple juice has helped. However, you can try different fruit juices to find out which one is effective for you.

Chewing on dry fruits, beef jerky, or sucking ice cubes will also help stimulate saliva production and keep your mouth well hydrated, reducing this side effect to a great extent.

Other Side Effects of CBD

Though CBD has a good tolerance and side effect profile, it’s not free from adverse effects. Generally, CBD products are considered safe for oral consumption or topical application. In some cases, it can cause mild side effects.

Patients on medications such as blood thinners need to be careful as CBD can interact with different medicines and cause adverse reactions.

Here are some of the most common side effects of CBD.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Some users experience indigestion or diarrhea while consuming CBD.

This unfortunate symptom happens when the oil affects the gastrointestinal tract, leading to diarrhea. Such individuals need to monitor their medical history while using CBD.


Since CBD is an excellent treatment for insomnia, it’s no surprise that users experience sedation or drowsiness while taking CBD products. It’s advisable to adjust your schedule and try taking it before bed.

Low Blood Pressure

Consuming higher doses of CBD can lower blood pressure. This can be risky for individuals diagnosed with low blood pressure or those on medication for high blood pressure.

When this happens, you may feel dizzy or lightheaded. Drink plenty of fluids and lie down to help stabilize blood pressure if this happens to you.

Avoid moving around too much. If you faint, you could seriously injure yourself or others.


Some users may feel nauseous while ingesting CBD products. This varies based on the amount of CBD you consume and how sensitive your body is to CBD oil.

Summary: Does CBD Cause Dry Mouth?

CBD can cause dry mouth but be it over-the-counter or prescribed, CBD supplements can cause adverse reactions if not used as recommended. Usually, the benefits and side effects of CBD are unique for each individual.

Adjusting your dose, chewing gum, eating fruit, and staying hydrated are just a few ways you can help or prevent cottonmouth.

As the body type of each individual is different, the cure won’t look the same for everyone. What works perfectly for one CBD user may not function the same for another. You need to consult your physician before you start consuming CBD supplements daily to minimize unwanted risks.

To avoid severe side effects from impure CBD, purchase your CBD supplements from a certified source. This is the only way you know your product is pure, potent, and will give you the benefits you’re after.

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