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Cbd Gummies En Espanol (Buy) Nexus People Cbd Gummies En Espanol, Using Cbd Oil Topically Sleeping Gummy Bears. What Do Cbd Gummies Do For Sleep Johnny Dang Cbd Gummies Making Cbd Oil In Instant Los productos de Delta-8 THC no están aprobados por la FDA y pueden ponerle en riesgo.

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Cbd Gummies En Espanol, Using Cbd Oil Topically Sleeping Gummy Bears. What Do Cbd Gummies Do For Sleep Johnny Dang Cbd Gummies Making Cbd Oil In Instant Pot, Best Cbd Gummies For Pain Reviews.

Feel the deep concern from the local words, He smiled is cbd better than alcohol and said: Wife! Live to old age. Go over there, Having said that, seeing that his car was weed gummies parked not far in front, he continued to say to Hemp Gummies, Director Zhang! Now we will split our business first. cbd gummies en espanol So wana gummies oregon please give me a copy of the documents of our municipal party committee today. Doctor will definitely make Seller unhappy, I have said just now that the alliance of mutual suspicion is always built on the soil slope.

miyam bialik cbd online buy cbd products gummies The economy of our Minning City is incomparable to this one, In terms of geographical environment, our Minning City is similar to Minnan City. nodded, When he was about to cbd gummies en espanol speak, He remembered the phone in his office, Hear the phone ring. Then you choose the students cbd gummies en espanol you want to sponsor, and then sponsor these students within the prescribed amount.

Turning around, he took three steps forward, walked to the front of the crowd, bowed three 90-degree bows in a row to gummies all the crowd present, and said in a choked voice: Thank Cbd Gummies En Espanol you! Thank you folks, at this time At this moment, I don t know elite cbd oil how to describe does cbd help anxiety the feeling in my heart. The situation in Minnan City is very different, It is clear that not only your southeastern province has begun to pay attention to this place, but even the capital has begun to pay attention to your southern Fujian city, so the situation in southern Fujian will come to an end sooner or later. I will call tomorrow morning, You can ask him who you cannagenix cbd oil how to use want, and there is one more important thing. If it weren t for the blue and white paint oozing blood and the broken police lights outside the car, Hemp Gummies opened the car door and walked quickly to the scene of the crime, shouting loudly: do i have to be 21 to buy cbd gummies Who is in charge of the scene, and why hasn t the fire brigade come yet? Could it be that we just watch our comrades being backlogged in that space? Is it.

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He ordered the Public Security Bureau to set up a special task force on the spot and ordered the Public Security Bureau to find out the cause best cbd gummies of the fire before ten o clock. Seeing that he was no longer around, he sat up from the bed, Seeing that he had already prepared the clothes he was wearing today and put daily gummies them by the bed, with a happy smile on his face, he picked up a bath towel and wrapped it around his body. Hearing Liu An s words, I was very puzzled, after all, I am here now, It is not ruled out that they have another idea in their hearts, so he continued to ask: Lao Liu! I admit that these two teachers are sale best gold cbd gummies indeed two very good and competent teachers, but how can you think that they are two very selfless teachers. It will gummy candy end up like this today, everything is caused by myself, I can t blame others, you remember my words, if something happens to me, you will take the things I handed you to find, although those Things can t be moved to Doctor, but I how cbd works believe that with the strength of this young man, Doctor will be carried in his hands sooner or later. He seemed to best prices gummies mg realize something here, and asked, Wife! If wyld cbd cbg gummies that s the case, he should already know your identity. But almost everything you do is thankless, and you what stores i purchase cbd gummies have no selfishness at all when you do things, especially the 400 million you want to come back from the capital this time.

I haven t been to Minnan City, but your name has already filled my ears, I hope you can support the work of our Minnan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in the future. it turned out that when the police officers cbd gummies en espanol of our city criminal police team arrived at the location indicated by the IP address, the person had already absconded. online oder gummies nutritious He nodded and replied, That s right! The construction project of our hydropower station has been completed except for the compensation for the mountain forest. Because last cbd gummies en espanol night they discovered this cannabis gummies when they investigated an import and export trading company under the Far East Group. If they die, Wei Huhu will undoubtedly go crazy, At that time, the road out of the city will does cbd help anxiety be organics cbd store blocked and a big raid will be carried out in the whole city.

Cbd Gummies En Espanol After canibus gummies all, the Far East Group has always been a smuggling group that the provincial party committee wants to eradicate. I haven t seen you for a few days, How s the time going? But looking at the way you look at the spring breeze now. At this time, Wei Guowei was still concerned about the pain in his forehead. shook his head, He replied: From the moment my secretary gave me the photo, I began to doubt him. Maybe it was because she was happy to be the secretary of Minning City, or she was disappointed because she was about to separate from another place. You are right, I made this matter too simplistic, After all, the other party is Doctor s nephew. Hemp Gummies hung up Guo Tianhe s phone, Dial 119 immediately, First call the police to inform the fire location, Then, while reporting cbd gummies en espanol his identity, he ordered the fire brigade to ensure the safety of the members of the task force at all costs. If you really promote me to be the county head of Zhoudun, the cbd gummies en espanol county government will always be under the leadership of the county party committee. She didn t realize she was standing in front cbd gummies en espanol hi tech cbd gummies of her at all, her eyes were still looking at the empty space, and a sweet smile appeared on her face from time to time. A fake calligraphy and painting on the wall makes the your cbd store whole office full of antique flavor like the finishing touch.

I hope all your Minnan cadres can take this matter as their own, Be vigilant, cbd side effects carry out self-examination activities, find out the deficiencies cbd gummies en espanol in your work, and seriously ask cbd gummies en espanol yourself. But I rejected it, This company has dared to blatantly use fake entry orders in the past few years. For the importance attached to our southern Fujian city, I believe that with the assistance of Secretary Wu, the cbd suppositories for interstitial cystitis local work in southern Fujian will definitely be doubled. I hope to provide financial assistance to students in need, so it can be gummy edibles seen that your work in Zhou Dun has achieved remarkable results, which is worthy of recognition. Zhou Baokun dragged htc gummies him to the dining table, and introduced to the young man who stood up at the dining table, Yin Shao! Let me introduce to you, this is the cbd gummies en espanol person you have your cbd store always wanted to know the most, the county party secretary of Zhou Dun. He really couldn t connect the person on the other end of the phone with the past.

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Let s go to Shenzhen and Hong Kong together, Just as Hemp Gummies and Hemp Gummies were rushing to the fire respectively, cbd gummies en espanol the comrades of the task force in the fire were constantly collecting water from the bathroom with various water-filled utensils, and then kept pouring them on the wooden door of the office, hoping This prevents this door from igniting. Speaking of which, she reached out and shook what are cbd gummy side effects cbd gummies en espanol hands, and many people didn t notice it. As Hemp Gummies spoke, a dark shadow flashed in front of his eyes, making Hemp Gummies stay there, and subconsciously said to Wang Changsheng who was looking for something to protect the police car from the rain: Changsheng! Look at what cbd gummies en espanol that is.

Let s go to the food stall for dinner together, Although she is the secretary of the municipal party committee, she supplement 8 gummies is more of a woman, a woman who needs her husband s care and love. Xiaojuan heard Guan Tong s introduction, and said this thoughtfully, innocent His big eyes unreservedly showed the light of worship, with a meaningful smile on his gummies to sleep face, he asked Guan Tong: Guan Tong! I understand now why you want to occupy the magpie s nest, you must be because of this. In a premeditated car accident, four of our public security officers and the suspect died on the spot. She quietly left Minning without even calling her, She was both resentful and helpless.

Unsurprisingly, one of the cameras clearly captured the appearance of the driver driving the earth-moving truck. While letting Director Sun on the other end of the phone sigh, he was even more fortunate that the people cbd gummies well being labs under koi cbd gummies review reddit him did things neatly.

Thinking that he wanted to flatter him, thinking of this, he smugly touched his glass and said, Secretary Wu! Thank you then. I am an old policeman, If you hadn t reminded me just now, I would have made a fatal mistake again.

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The provincial party committee had sent an investigation team several times before. Say whatever you want! Because of the personality that everyone knows, after the words were finished, there was a buzzing sound in the conference room, and everyone whispered to each other about the work agenda just proposed. cbd gummies for sleep walmart It s almost over, you can enter the live broadcast best buy cbd gummies reviews at any time, When Guan Tong heard the reply, he immediately said, Get ready! Then he picked up the microphone again. It has been almost two years since Zhou Baokun took office in Minning, and he is somewhat familiar with the officials here, especially this one.

I briefly introduced cbd lego men gummies to him the fact that the investigation team was cbd oil benefits trapped in the fire, and as the secretary of the Minnan Municipal Party Committee, ordered him cbd gummies to immediately dispatch the armed police detachment to the fire scene, and at the same time let Hemp Gummies s car turn over cbd gummies en espanol hi tech cbd gummies to pick him up. You have worked in Minning City for so many years, You should be able to find cbd gummies en espanol a suitable candidate. cbd gummies en espanol She closed her eyes and seemed to be enjoying herself, Doctor made a fluttering moan from his mouth, and his body kept shaking. Although we used to be enemies in politics, But we are now benefits of cbd oil for seniors The cvs pharmacy htc gummies purpose is the same, I think if there is no cbd for pain way to bring Doctor to top cbd cream gummies justice now. Yes, lost to Xu Junjie and the others, not to a businessman, a thorough businessman, so after thinking cbd gummies en espanol about it, he finally put his face down and made this call. Thinking of this, he instructed Consumer with a serious face: Secretary Lin! I still have some things at hand, so I won t see the three of them for the time being, let s do it! You ask them to come to the office tomorrow morning at eight o clock to find me, In addition, notify the reception of the municipal party cbd for crohns disease committee to arrange dinner tonight at the city hotel.

Although many men are fond of the new and dislike the old, they think that there is no wild flower fragrance in their home, and when they see other women, they think they are more beautiful than their own. Among them, Doctor has the most names, There is also a deputy secretary and cbd for pain deputy mayor of the municipal party committee. Later, I will hand over work to Secretary Li Xidong, Let s go to the office to talk cbd gummies en espanol about anything. Secretary Wu! It is estimated that it will not cbd gummies be long before rumors of my cbd gummies en espanol high potency absconding will spread throughout Fujian. Now coming to their Public Security Bureau is just a pretense, After all, his purpose of coming to Minnan City to serve as the deputy secretary of the just cbd gummy bears 250mg Municipal Party Committee is not a secret to the entire officialdom of Minnan City. You, now it s hard for me to ask you to help me with such a little thing, but you. The amount on the two cbd gummies en espanol documents is five times different, Seeing this, the brows are wrinkled together, and his face is gradually dignified. When he arrived outside the gummies gate cbd gummies diabetes of Fu Xingyudi s villa, It s only seven in the morning. He quickly smiled and said, Mr Fu! Thank you cbd gummies en espanol for your greeting, I won t have breakfast with you if I have other matters in the office.

Please call me immediately after checking the contract payments that Katayama Forest has paid in the next few years. Hearing Secretary Gummies s words, he quickly said respectfully, Secretary Gummies! cbd patch reviews Then I won cbd oil near me t disturb your work, goodbye. Also, I supported Zhou Dun s propaganda department, Minister Xue, who said that his lover was the secretary of the Minning Municipal Party Committee. A brief meeting was held, at which the principal of the Central cbd gummy website Primary School reported best buy gummies products to him the resettlement problems of the more than 100 students who moved from Huangyan Primary School to the Central Primary School, and the difficulties encountered during resettlement. Hearing this, he said with a smile, Hearing this, he stopped worrying about this issue and asked, Secretary Gummies! You are the executive deputy secretary, can you tell me about gummy Seller s cbd gummies en espanol character and life? What you heard? After thinking about it for a while, he said with a serious expression: When it comes to Seller s character, it s really hard to say, this person doesn t care cbd gummies en espanol about anything on the surface, in fact, his city is very deep, just take him just arrived. Although it was only delicious gummies a brigade s establishment, when the car entered the cbd gummies en espanol camp, it was another scene. As a person with quality, you should speak in a proper manner, and you must not speak indiscriminately regardless of the occasion or object. There was a hunch in my heart that the truth about the Far East Group was about to surface.

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I remember when I first met Doctor, I just went to work in Minnan City for three months, because my wife Forced me to find a way to send my son to study abroad, potent cbd gummies but I didn t agree, so I went to Minnan City alone to take office. He also shrunk when he spoke: Secretary Wu! cbd gummies en espanol I ask you to punish me, The criminal suspect and the four police officers of our city bureau s arrest team had a car accident just now when they got off the does hemp seed oil make you sleepy expressway.

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Guan Tong, who was sitting on the side, really wanted to meet her, The reason why she came to Minning this time was because she knew that Yin Xudong was here to meet, so she agreed to Yin Xudong s invitation. If it s not troublesome, I cbd for sleep ll bring her to you tonight, Secretary Wu! Look at what you said.

When Seller heard Doctor s words, don t say how depressed he was, Although he appears to be beautiful on the surface, in reality, he is very clear that his secretary is just a puppet of Doctor. And you said appreciation! I think you learned cbd drinks that our secretary Wu was beaten, so you are in a hurry to see him? Guan Tong hadn t reached the office best cbd oils door, but Xiaojuan actually said a word at this time, asking Guan Tong to Tong almost fell.

He pushed the door and got out of the car, When they returned cbd gummies en espanol to the fire scene, the fire in the building had already been put out by the fire brigade.

I did a lot of things, But several major operations were deployed, In the end, it was because someone inside us disclosed the news in advance, and each time it was empty. At the gummies same time, it will also bring us a small amount of tax benefits, which is a big deal. Now we have a rare opportunity to make money from delicious gummies the landlord, so it is better best cbd for anxiety to let President Fu tonight. Before the economic reform and opening up, because Minnan City was located in the front line of Haiphong, there was little national investment, and the economy had long been in a state of self-sufficiency and cbd gummies en espanol semi-self-sufficiency based on agriculture. The cbd gummies water was blocked, and looking out through the front windshield of the car, I saw a group of people gathered around the road, wondering what https://www.fda.gov/inspections-compliance-enforcement-and-criminal-investigations/warning-letters/delta-8-hemp-618368-05042022 they were talking about there. You kept it from you because you were edible gummies cranky because you knew the cbd gummies en espanol news, but looking at your own reaction now, you simply don t believe your husband.

That girl is not pregnant, Why does my heart hurt so much when I meet you again today, ten years later? Thinking of this cbd products A look of pain appeared on Lin Xinxin s beautiful and beautiful face. cbd drink I believe she will be the happiest woman in the world, From Guan Tong s words, I vaguely felt that Guan Tong must have had a very unfortunate past, but he really didn t know how to comfort Guan Tong gummies price because of his lack of knowledge in this area.

When we are cbd gummies coated arrived in Minnan City, the computer room of the Network Monitoring 2022 cbd for anxiety Team of the Minnan City Public Security Bureau was completely bright. As soon as the words fell, a woman s kind voice came from the phone, Hearing the other party s words, he thought that the person who answered the phone must be his lover, so he quickly said, Auntie! Thank you. What s the use cbd store near me of the director, so I have been afraid of such a life in the past few years, but now it s better, since you came to us, Magistrate Wu, my troubles have disappeared, although I am older than you Big, but if you are flattering, follow in your footsteps, Magistrate Wu, and my heart will never have to hang high. At cbd gummies en espanol this moment, his cell phone rang just as he was thinking hard, He canibus gummies took out his cell phone from his bag and looked at the caller ID on it, and he had already guessed the purpose of the call by eight points. But don t leave the people around you in the cold because of your work, Naturally understood that Li Xidong s cbd gummies en espanol words came thc gummies from the heart.

royal cbd gummies good for Hearing this, he immediately replied, He stood up in front of the sofa with a smile on his face, and said to him, Xiao Wu! You should take this list back and think about it, and select the officials with the most serious situation. Sleep, you don t want to get into my bed, Let s be ashamed and straight in his heart, he smiled without revealing any mystery and said: As long as you are willing, I will be fine. Only this can reflect a person s will cbd products and self-restraint, so that when a person is happy, he will not be publicized, and add it for no reason. With a kind smile on his face, he stood up from Cbd Gummies En Espanol the seat and replied with a smile: Old man! It should have been me who said sorry. I m cbd gummies en espanol welcome to you who are checking stock and quality, Hearing what he said, he couldn sale htc gummies t help but puchi and laughed: Of course I believe in your ability to endure, the only thing you are afraid of is the temptation from outside, no matter how gummies shrewd you men are, the most important thing is that you can t control your own bottom. Who do you see first? sleeping gummies Hearing this, with a non-smiling, very serious look on his face, he instructed Consumer: You let the two of them wait outside delicious gummies for a while, I have something important to deal with here. .

5 Cosas que Debe Saber Sobre el Delta-8 Tetrahidrocannabinol – Delta-8 THC

El delta-8 tetrahidrocannabinol, también conocido como Delta-8 THC, es una sustancia psicoactiva que se encuentra en la planta de Cannabis sativa, de la que la marihuana y el cáñamo son dos variedades. El Delta-8 THC es uno de más de 100 cannabinoides producidos naturalmente por la planta de cannabis, pero no se encuentra en cantidades significativas en la planta de cannabis. Por ello, las cantidades concentradas de Delta-8 THC se fabrican normalmente a partir de cannabidiol (CBD) derivado del cáñamo.

Es importante que los consumidores sepan que los productos de Delta-8 THC no han sido evaluados ni aprobados por la FDA para su uso seguro en ningún contexto. Pueden comercializarse de forma que ponen en peligro la salud pública y, sobre todo, deben mantenerse fuera del alcance de los niños y las mascotas.

A continuación, se presentan 5 cosas que debe saber sobre el Delta-8 THC para mantenerse a usted y a sus seres queridos protegidos de productos que pueden suponer graves riesgos para la salud:

1. Los productos de Delta-8 THC no han sido evaluados ni aprobados por la FDA para su uso seguro y pueden comercializarse de forma que ponen en riesgo la salud pública.

La FDA está consciente de la creciente preocupación sobre los productos de Delta-8 THC que se venden actualmente en línea y en las tiendas. Estos productos no han sido evaluados ni aprobados por la FDA para su uso seguro en ningún contexto. Algunas de las preocupaciones incluyen la variabilidad en las formulaciones y las etiquetas de los productos, el contenido de otros cannabinoides y terpenos, y las concentraciones variables de Delta-8 TCH. Además, algunos de estos productos pueden estar etiquetados simplemente como “productos de cáñamo”, lo que puede confundir a los consumidores que asocian “cáñamo” con “no psicoactivo”. Además, la FDA está preocupada por la proliferación de productos que contienen Delta-8 THC y se comercializan para usos terapéuticos o médicos, aunque no hayan sido aprobados por la FDA. La venta de productos no aprobados con afirmaciones terapéuticas sin fundamento no sólo constituye una infracción de la ley federal, sino que también puede poner en riesgo a los consumidores, ya que no se ha demostrado que estos productos sean seguros o eficaces. Esta comercialización engañosa de tratamientos no probados plantea importantes problemas de salud pública porque los pacientes y otros consumidores pueden utilizarlos en lugar de las terapias aprobadas para tratar enfermedades graves e incluso mortales.

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2. La FDA ha recibido reports de eventos adversos relacionados con productos que contienen Delta-8 THC.

La FDA recibió 104 reportes de eventos adversos en pacientes que consumieron productos delta-8 THC entre el 1 de diciembre de 2020 y el 28 de febrero de 2022. De estos 104 reportes de eventos adversos:

  • El 77% involucró a adultos, el 8% involucró a pacientes pediátricos menores de 18 años y el 15% no informó la edad.
  • 55% requirió intervención (p. ej., evaluación en servicios médicos de emergencia) o ingreso hospitalario.
  • El 66% describió eventos adversos después de la ingestión de productos alimenticios que contienen delta-8 THC (p. ej., brownies, gomitas).
  • Los eventos adversos incluyeron, pero no se limitaron a: alucinaciones, vómitos, temblores, ansiedad, mareos, confusión y pérdida del conocimiento.

Los centros nacionales de control de envenenamiento recibieron 2,362 casos de exposición de productos delta-8 THC entre el 1 de enero de 2021 (es decir, la fecha en que se agregó el código del producto delta-8 THC a la base de datos) y el 28 de febrero de 2022. De los 2362 casos de exposición:

  • El 58 % involucró a adultos, el 41 % a pacientes pediátricos menores de 18 años y el 1 % no informó la edad.
  • El 40 % involucró exposición no intencional a delta-8 THC y el 82 % de estas exposiciones no intencionales afectaron a pacientes pediátricos.
  • El 70% requirió evaluación en un centro de atención médica, de los cuales el 8% resultó en la admisión a una unidad de cuidados intensivos; El 45% de los pacientes que requirieron evaluación en un centro de salud fueron pacientes pediátricos.
  • Un caso pediátrico fue codificado con el resultado médico de muerte.

3. El Delta-8 THC tiene efectos psicoactivos y embriagantes.

El Delta-8 THC tiene efectos psicoactivos y embriagantes, similares a los del Delta-9 THC (es decir, el componente responsable del “subidón” que pueden experimentar las personas al consumir cannabis). La FDA está al tanto de los informes de los medios de comunicación sobre productos con Delta-8 THC que hacen que los consumidores estén “drogados”. La FDA también está preocupada por el hecho de que los productos con Delta-8 THC probablemente expongan a los consumidores a niveles de la sustancia mucho más elevados que los que se dan de forma natural en los extractos crudos de cáñamo. Por lo tanto, no se puede confiar en el uso histórico del cannabis para establecer un nivel de seguridad para estos productos en los seres humanos.

4. Los productos de Delta-8 THC a menudo implican el uso de productos químicos potencialmente dañinos para crear las concentraciones de Delta-8 THC que se afirman en el mercado.

La cantidad natural de Delta-8 THC en el cáñamo es muy baja, y se necesitan productos químicos adicionales para convertir otros cannabinoides del cáñamo, como el CBD, en Delta-8 THC (es decir, conversión sintética). Las preocupaciones con este proceso incluyen:

  • Algunos fabricantes pueden utilizar productos químicos domésticos potencialmente nocivos para fabricar Delta-8 THC mediante este proceso de síntesis química. Se pueden utilizar productos químicos adicionales para cambiar el color del producto final. El producto final de Delta-8 THC puede tener subproductos potencialmente dañinos (contaminantes) debido a los productos químicos utilizados en el proceso, y hay incertidumbre con respecto a otros contaminantes potenciales que pueden estar presentes o producirse dependiendo de la composición de la materia prima inicial. Si se consumen o inhalan, estas sustancias químicas, incluidas algunas utilizadas para fabricar (sintetizar) el Delta-8 THC y los subproductos creados durante la síntesis, pueden ser perjudiciales.
  • La fabricación de productos de Delta-8 THC puede llevarse a cabo en entornos no controlados o antihigiénicos, lo que puede dar lugar a la presencia de contaminantes nocivos u otras sustancias potencialmente dañinas.

5. Los productos de Delta-8 THC deben mantenerse fuera del alcance de los niños y las mascotas.

Los fabricantes están envasando y etiquetando estos productos de forma que puedan resultar atractivos para los niños (gomitas, chocolates, galletas, dulces, etc.). Estos productos pueden comprarse en línea, así como en una variedad de establecimientos, incluyendo tiendas de conveniencia y gasolineras, donde puede que no haya límites de edad sobre quién puede comprar estos productos. Como se ha comentado anteriormente, se han producido numerosas alertas de centros de control de envenenamiento que implican a pacientes pediátricos que estuvieron expuestos a productos que contienen Delta-8-THC. Además, los centros de control de envenenamiento de animales han indicado un fuerte aumento general de la exposición accidental de las mascotas a estos productos. Mantenga estos productos fuera del alcance de los niños y las mascotas.

¿Por qué está notificando la FDA al público sobre el Delta-8 THC?

Una combinación de factores ha llevado a la FDA a proporcionar a los consumidores esta información. Estos factores incluyen:

  • Un aumento de los informes de eventos adversos a la FDA y a los centros de control de envenenamientos del país.
  • La comercialización, incluida la comercialización en línea de productos que resulta atractiva para los niños.
  • Preocupación por la contaminación debida a los métodos de fabricación que en algunos casos pueden utilizarse para elaborar productos comercializados de Delta-8 THC.

La FDA está trabajando activamente con socios federales y estatales para seguir abordando las preocupaciones relacionadas con estos productos y vigilando el mercado en busca de quejas sobre los productos, eventos adversos y otros productos emergentes derivados del cannabis de potencial preocupación. La FDA advertirá a los consumidores sobre problemas de salud pública y seguridad, y tomará medidas, cuando sea necesario, cuando los productos regulados por la FDA infrinjan la ley.

Cómo reportar quejas y casos de exposición accidental o eventos adversos:

Si cree que tiene un efecto secundario grave que supone un peligro inmediato para su salud, llame al 9-1-1 o la sala de emergencias de su localidad. Se alienta a los profesionales de la salud y a los pacientes a que comuniquen las quejas, los casos de exposición accidental y los acontecimientos adversos al programa MedWatch de Información de Seguridad y Reporte de Eventos Adversos de la FDA:

  • Llame a un coordinador de quejas de los consumidores (en inglés) de la FDA si desea hablar directamente con una persona sobre su problema.
  • Llene un formulario voluntario electrónico de MedWatch en línea o llame al 1-800-332-1088 para solicitar un formulario de notificación, luego complételo y envíelo a la dirección que aparece en el formulario, o envíelo por fax al 1-800-FDA-0178.
  • Complete a formulario voluntario en papel de MedWatch y envíelo por correo a la FDA.
  • Para reportar eventos adversos en animales al Centro de Medicina Veterinaria de la FDA, descargue y envíe el formulario FDA 1932a que se encuentra en: www.fda.gov/ReportAnimalAE.

Para más información sobre el Delta-8 THC: RED DE ALERTA DE SALUD DE LOS CDC (HAN, POR SUS SIGLAS EN INGLÉS) – añada el enlace cuando esté disponible

La Asociación Americana de Centros de Control de Envenenamientos (AAPCC, por sus siglas en inglés) mantiene el Sistema Nacional de Datos sobre Envenenamientos (NPDS, por sus siglas en inglés), que alberga registros de casos no identificados de información recopilada de las personas que llamaron durante la gestión de la exposición, y llamadas de información sobre envenenamientos gestionadas por los centros de control de envenenamientos del país (PCC, por sus siglas en inglés). Los datos del NPDS no reflejan todo el universo de exposiciones a una sustancia concreta, ya que puede haber exposiciones adicionales que no se reporten a los PCC; por lo tanto, no debe interpretarse que los datos del NPDS representen la incidencia completa de las exposiciones a cualquier sustancia en los EE. UU. Las exposiciones no representan necesariamente un envenenamiento o sobredosis, y la AAPCC no puede verificar completamente la exactitud de cada informe. Las conclusiones basadas en los datos del NPDS no reflejan necesariamente las opiniones de la AAPCC.

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