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cbd god strain

Cbd god strain

Grown by the wookies of the okanagan valley, you can guess that this will be a hand-crafted product from start to finish. One interesting thing that DOJA does, it cures their plants WHOLE and finish the manicuring with careful hands, making sure that the end product is as fresh as can be and undamaged from machine trimming / rushed curing.

Its some of the freshest product I’ve seen yet.
Opening Nose- Fresh peony flower, citra hops, bergamot tea, evergreen forest. Fascinating!
Busting produced a sweet / sour fruitiness as well that was very different than the jar smell. Papaya seeds / pepper. Ok now I am intrigued.

Seeking balance of medical benefits with a mild peppering of THC, Doja has created a very nice offering here for both patients, new users and vets who have yet to test out legal CBD.
Visual- buds were medium heavy density between .3 and 1.4g. Certainly sticky, heavy tan trichome coverage with brick colored pistils. Coral structure with multiple nodules growing to foxy tips.
Peeling back the bottom structures and the tan becomes very brilliant, almost coppery.
I should note; this was packaged on Sept 2 2018!
Experience: This is starting to zone in on “that perfect dose” for me. Even after smoking some higher THC products this week, this was still able to make an impact on me as far as feeling psychoactive effects, compared to the FREE by solei- it was able to de-stress me in a very unique way, while providing relief to my back and shoulder issues.
Initially crafted from a rare CBD producing phenotype of GOD bud in BC, this was meticulously bred with other another hefty CBD strain in Harlequin to form an indica forward low-THC strain with between 4% and 16% CBD.
Medical notes: This is great for all day smoking, but would like to reserve some for when I am having bad spasticity issues. I actually bought 2 jars of this to make sure it doesn’t run out any time soon, I like it so much.

“An object in motion, tends to stay in motion.”- Newtons first law.
Does this apply to stoners? Possibly now- with the advent of well balanced cannabis offerings.

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