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castle seed bank

I guarantee the safe arrival of your seeds.

Castle Marijuana Seeds was a website selling cannabis seeds and was based in the United Kingdom. Castle Seeds ran until January of 2017 but appears now to have been shut down. It is always a shame to see such an established business shut down and disappear and so we have decided to include some information about their service here for posterity.
Castle Marijuana Seeds started on 21st September 2009. Castle Seeds appears to have accepted various payment methods including credit card, bitcoin and cash. They offered free delivery on orders over 50 GBP, they had a price-match promise in that they would match any competitor’s pricing and they also guaranteed the safe delivery of your seeds.

Castle Marijuana Seeds
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Whilst it is always a shame to see that Castle Seeds have shut down, Seed City is more than happy to welcome those left behind by their absence. Seed City offers a huge choice of over 4,000 cannabis seeds from more than 180 different breeders. We offer guaranteed delivery on all signed for orders, free UK delivery, a price-match promise, the ability to purchase single seeds of every strain we offer and the most in-depth seed categorisation online.
We really recommend that you take a quick look at the left column of our website where our Seed Selector lives. What makes our Seed Selector so special is that you can select many multiple options at the same time, whittling down your selection only to those seeds which interest you the most! A large number of competitors will have selectors of their own but they will not allow you to select multiple options simultaneously.
A little about Castle Marijuana Seeds from their website while it was still online:

Allow me to welcome you to our store. I hope we will become your marijuana seeds supplier of choice. We are a professional, family run operation with a commitment to service that is sadly so often lacking in this industry of ours. Castle have been supplying quality products for over a decade.

Castle Seeds Shut Down – Alternative Castle Marijuana Seeds was a website selling cannabis seeds and was based in the United Kingdom. Castle Seeds ran until January of 2017 but appears now to

Thirty years ago readers were introduced to the mythical, mysterious seed breeder Nevil Schoenmakers, who by that point had been running his company The Seed Bank from the mansion for some three years. Hager wrote:

Alan Dronkers: The genetics [seed] bank and the maintaining of the genetic collection is still there and is now handled by HempFlax, not far from the castle. Since my departure in 2007, [Sensi Seeds] is still located in the castle, but nobody lives there anymore.
Every day letters pour into [Schoenmakers] post office box, letters containing American dollars wrapped in carbon paper to avoid detection. The money is for seeds. Not ordinary pot seeds, but the best, most potent seeds on the market, seeds that will grow gargantuan buds dripping with resin, seeds that cost between $2 and $5 each.

Ben Dronkers gave a great speech, explaining how important the Cannabis Castle was for breeding new varieties with genetics from all over the world. We were given a guided tour of the castle’s dungeons and marveled at the fully automated grow rooms, filled with amazing cannabis plants.
AD: Watch the video. Everyone who is anyone in the cannabusiness world — including people who are now making it big in the US — was there, as well as heroes who are no longer with us. The castle has made a big impact and the aftershocks can be felt to his day. It was and still is a very special place. After my departure it has been restored and it is still being maintained. The Cannabis Castle was the starting and collection point of many important strains, which are still cultivated and appreciated, or were the basis for further development.
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Steven Hager, former High Times editor-in-chief, came up with the name in his classic cover story “Inside Cannabis Castle: The Incredible Story of the Man Who Would be King of Cannabis,” published in 1987.

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Once owned by Nevil Schoenmakers, the Cannabis Castle later passed to the Dronkers of Sensi Seeds. We revisit its ’90s heyday with Alan Dronkers.