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carmelo strain

Carmelo strain

Skunk was first recognized a true breeding variety in the 1970’s in the US, and was then brought to Holland where it’s been cultivated on a large scale ever since. Crossing Skunk with Afghani added more Indica sturdiness, shortened the flowering time, and created a plant that yields up to 500-600g per plant. White Cheese Fast Flowering grows to outdoor heights of 120-200cm, and is the last strain of our Top 5 selection for colder climates.

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Top 5 Autoflowering Indica Strains

What makes outdoor growing in some parts of Europe more challenging is not necessarily a low light intensity. It’s the temperatures that cause concerns, especially at the beginning, and towards the end of the season. Cold temperatures, and high humidity levels caused by ongoing rainfalls in autumn, will almost guarantee a mould infestation, which can in some cases destroy entire harvests. There is one simple and easy way to lower the risks – choosing a sturdy and reliable strain that finishes early. Here are our TOP 5 feminized strains that will help you to succeed in colder climates.
Northern Lights XL finishes its flowering period in late September, which is early compared to other heavy-yielding Indicas. This early harvest time helps a lot to avoid the risk of exposing fully developed buds to rain and high humidity levels that are often present in October. Zambeza’s version of Northern Lights will grow to overall heights of 170-200cm, and yields up to 550-650g per plant.
All of these strains are indica-dominant, and combine some of the best cannabis genetics that exist. Maple Leaf Indica resembles a classic Hindu Kush strain, BlueBlack combines Blueberry with Black Domina, and White Rhino contributes with genetics of White Widow and an US Indica. Large outdoor yields of up to 500-600g per plant are nothing unusual.
Top 5 Autoflowering Strains Highest in THC
Candy Carmelo Fast Flowering is a sturdy and compact Indica with an incredibly short flowering period of only 45 days. Outdoor growers can usually harvest by the end of September, making it highly unlikely to run into any mould problems. What makes this strain suitable to colder climates is its excellent genetic pedigree consisting of Maple Leaf Indica, BlueBlack, and White Rhino.

Outdoor growing in Northern European climates can mean a challenge, but the actual strain has a huge impact on success. Here are 5 feminized strains for colder climates.

You’re looking for the right cannabis strain for outdoor growing in colder climates? Draw some inspiration from our Top 5 and choose wisely!