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cannabis seed packaging

Cannabis seed packaging

Who are they? After almost 20 years, Sagarmatha Seeds has already become a renowned seed bank, preferred by many growers. Like their AK-47 variety, one of the flagships of their arsenal, with possibly the highest THC rating of all the auto-flowering varieties they sell.

What is their packaging like? Rolling paper packs. Of course, a stoner of such astral dimensions could only give its packaging the shape of something he knows very well. To complete the riddle, the package carries a real rolling paper pack and some cut cardboard for gauzy filter tips.
Who are they? Medical Seeds is a Spanish seed bank founded in 2008 after a long genetic selection process of plants coming from Holland and Canada. They have already created their own crosses based on the selected plants. The bank currently has 12 seed varieties, very appreciated among medical consumers for their narcotic and relaxing effect.

What is their packaging like? Cardboard, plastic and a lot of humour, their motto being a funny Buda in the strangest positions, while playing with the variety name. In this case, Cheesus, in honour of Christ the Redeemer, who has even been stapled to the cross. But they also have some futurist ones where the Buda is the impersonator of “I, Robot” itself.
What is their packaging like? Medicine-like packages. One of the most successful formats considering its target, with a front side similar to that of an antibiotic and a reverse which shows all the information on the cultivation (weather, production, height…). It also displays the legal counter-indications of this type of seeds and their marketing. All comprised in a lovely packaging which stands out for its originality.
What is their packaging like? A box like those used for earphones on the trains; or for earplugs. One of the neatest designs on the market, it displays a successful combination of colours and typographies which demonstrate that Madrilenians have taken very seriously to reach the lungs of growers, at a silent but steady pace.
What is their packaging like? A bullet-shaped keychain, which is dispensed in boxes similar to those of eye drops. The seeds come in their plastic pod, which in its turn comes inside a screw top metal capsule with the shape of a bullet. This format is also useful to keep certain amounts of hash, grass or extraction.
Who are they? Humboldt Seeds Organization owes its name to the most traditional marijuana production area in the United States. Located in California, a group of cultivators work on the production of high-quality organic marijuana by using clones from the best strains, to supply dispensaries.

Who are they? Dinafem , the mother ship and a seed bank that internationally trades the best selection of its own varieties but also those of other banks. It is a synonym for stability and genetic quality. Since 2005, when it became the first bank of feminized cannabis seeds in Spain, its research on auto-flowering and feminized seeds has placed it at the forefront of seed sales worldwide.

Worldwide, hundreds of marijuana seed banks struggle to position their varieties in the pots of weed growers. But before the gift, there is the wrapping; and to differentiate each other from their competitors, it is paramount for them to apply, as their i

Cannabis seed packaging

When selecting our Extra Stealth Method, we will re-package your seeds into crush-proof black tubes. These tubes will then be concealed within small black bags which themselves are concealed within the building block package. See photo below…

Want to know how your cannabis seeds will be shipped and delivered? What will they look like when they arrive?
For packages posted via UK Signed For, you will see a UK Signed For sticker attached. Similarly, when sent via International Signed For, you will see a Royal Mail International Signed For sticker attached to the package.

First of all, whichever delivery method you select for your cannabis seeds, you can expect your package to arrive looking a lot like this from the outside:
PLEASE NOTE: Our stealthy packaging options do involve removing your seeds from their original breeder packaging. If you so wish, we can send images of your seeds before & after they are repackaged. Alternatively, we can forward on the original breeder packaging from your seeds – we will send it to you in another package. If you would like to request an image of your packing or to have the original breeder packaging forwarded to you, please let us know in the Customer’s Comments box when you make your order. You can also tell us in these comments if you would NOT like your seeds to be re-packaged.
For extra stealth and speed, we also offer Courier Stealth Delivery. This option is only available as a Building Block Toy Stealth Delivery (selected for its extra security, as the package will be inspected during collection). Our Courier Stealth Delivery method is more expensive, but arrives between only 2 – 4 days from the despatch date.
Below is an example of what a World Signed For Delivery package sent outside of the EU will look like when it arrives:
Don’t worry, here we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to our fantastic cannabis seed delivery methods! Find out everything you need to know…

When Seleting the Standard 8 GBP Signed For Delivery method, your seeds will be concealed within a high quality (Amaray) DVD Case. See photo below.

Interested to know more about our best cannabis seeds delivery methods? Or how your parcel will look? Find all our stealthy packaging info right here.