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cannabis plant images

These pictures show marijuana, also known as cannabis or weed, in varying stages of growth, processing, and use. You may be concerned about plants you find growing in and around your home. Or, you may wonder whether what you discovered in your child’s room is marijuana or indicates your child may be using marijuana.

You may find a small amount of marijuana your child has acquired for personal use to smoke. It is probably readily available in your community.
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Marijuana is dried and chopped up to prepare it for use and sale. The stems are usually removed.
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You may also find larger quantities of marijuana in a plastic zip-lock bag. You might find smaller plastic bags with residue inside. This can trigger concerns that your child is transporting or selling marijuana rather than obtaining it for personal use.
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Parents may want to know what marijuana looks like in all stages of development and use. See photos that can help you check what you find at home.

Cannabis plant images


1. Hemp Seed
Indica plants mostly originated from sub-tropical countries where there is a more significant variation in light cycle. Because of that, it tends to begin flowering as soon as it reaches maturity. For commercial growers, the speed in which it grows means they can produce more and, thus, earn more money.

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Many people understand the importance of hemp for its many industrial uses. Only a few realize that it comes from cannabis. To keep it simple, it comes from Cannabis Sativa but has a very low THC in trace amounts.
There are three primary industrial uses of hemp.
Identifying male plants is easy. A week or two after it entered the flowering phase, the male pre-flower will look like a ball.
Although costlier, the best choice for most home growers is to buy feminized seeds. Once cultivated, all the plants are sure to be females. Unfortunately, of the strains that have seeds available for purchase, not all have feminized seeds.
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  • Cooking additive
  • Dietary supplements
  • Body care
  • Detergents
  • Fuel
  • Paints

As a beginner in growing cannabis, all the things that need to be taken into consideration can be challenging. Here are some useful background information on the different types of cannabis.