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cannabis nutrient schedule

Cannabis nutrient schedule
Allmix: This substrate is absolutely choc-full of organic nutrients, which is why we highly recommend it for organic, natural growers. It comes with plenty of nutrients too, so you shouldn’t even need to use a base fertilizer for the growth period, which could cause accidental over-feeding.
pH +/-: Some of Plagron’s products can adjust pH automatically, although not all of them can – that’s why they have specific pH adjusters for increasing or lowering acidity, as well as a fully organic pH- product for the flowering period, which is made out of citric acid.
Thanks to the amount of diverse products that Plagron has to offer, you can choose from a large list of different substrates; they stock organic, mineral and even coco coir substrates. Each substrate is reflected in the Plagron feeding chart below.
One of the most basic things to keep in mind is that you’ll need to measure and adjust your pH as is needed while growing. Plagron feeding charts indicate the EC that your plants should be receiving each week. The amount of nutrients that your plants can absorb is directly affected by the pH of the nutrient solution you’re feeding them with. The most recommended pH for cannabis plants is between 5.5 and 6.5, although it can be adjusted even further depending on the method used and the phase your plants are in.
They have quite an efficient yet simple way of categorizing their products into colors:
Lightmix: This substrate doesn’t contain many nutrients, which allows you for a more rigorous control of your plants’ feeding schedule. When you grow cannabis using this substrate, you’ll need to be quite on top of them and add any extra nutrients using base fertilizers and additives. This substrate contains non-organic minerals.
Terra Grow & Bloom: These bases are mineral in origin and you can use them to obtain some truly professional results. Terra Grow contains a little extra nitrogen, which is exactly what your plants need during the growth period, whereas Terra Bloom contains much more potassium and phosphorus, which are needed in larger amounts during the flowering period.
ALWAYS flush your plants’ roots out towards the end of the flowering period. This can be done by using just water for a week or two or by using a specific product designed for flushing plant roots. Make sure to try and keep your EC at the same level indicated in the chart – these levels indicate the EC of your nutrient solution after adding the necessary products for that particular week. EC should never go over 3.0.
If you’re looking to grow your own professional cannabis plants, regardless of growing preferences, you should definitely go with the Plagron feeding chart. You can choose between various different growing methods, additives and even substrates from Plagron. With their feeding chart you’ll be able to follow clear instructions that can make for professional results in cannabis plants.
Find out how to use the Plagron Feeding Chart and more! Everything you need to know about this high-end fertilizer brand and their cannabis nutrient chart.