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cannabis lube recipe

Step Two: Bring the water in a pot to a boil

Step Nine: Strain oil through the cheesecloth and squeeze the remaining oil out of the weed
Step Six: Squeeze about a quarter cup of gel from your aloe leaves into your second jar

Here’s what you’ll need to make weed lube: weed, scale, grinder, cheesecloth, hair tie, two jars, coconut oil, water, aloe, wooden spoon, tongs, and a pot
Step Ten: Mix the contents together and allow it to cool down
Most of you know by now that it’s possible to get your vagina high with weed lube (or get yourself debilitatingly high by drinking it)—but did you know that you can make your own at home? Take your Weed Week celebration to the bedroom, enjoy the benefits of increased sensitivity and stimulation, and get yours! (But remember: this weed lube does not mix well with latex condoms, so try another material or go solo on this one.)
Step One: Measure 2-3 grams of weed
Step Five: Let it simmer for about two hours

Step Eight: Using your tongs, remove the jar from the boiling water and allow it to cool a little bit. Remove the lid and pour the contents through the cheesecloth filter and into the aloe jar

Celebrate 4/20 with an at-home potion to get your vagina high.

Cannabis lube recipe

In the case of the vagina, however, cannabinoids do several other things. Female reproductive organs contain many cannabinoid receptors. Cannabis lube appears to stimulate the body’s natural lubricant production too.

The good news? Canna-lube is super easy to make at home.
What is not to like?

This is also one activity that you do not need a partner to enjoy. Masturbation with a cannabis-infused lube is also very satisfying.
In an under-regulated cannabis market, the best place to source this is your own kitchen. This is also a great way to control your ingredients. It starts with the kind of cannabis you use. The larger companies who do sell this kind of sex product frequently use chemical pesticides not suitable for human consumption. Myclobutanil, for example, is a chemical used in the growing of ornamental plants. It also has been shown to have negative effects on the reproductive system. Putting that directly adjacent to one’s reproductive organs is not most women’s idea of foreplay.
Ladies, there is a little secret about cannabis you need to know. Cannabis lube intensifies the whole sexual experience. Men also may find cannabis-infused lubricants pleasurable, but the effect appears to be most intense when used on female genitalia.
Cannabis infused lubricants may well change women’s sex lives forever. Not only does canna-infused oil relax the entire area, it also enhances natural lubrication. Even better? The best cannabis infused lubes you can get are the ones you make at home. Here is our recipe.
Applying cannabis-infused lubrication to the lips and entrance to the vagina has several effects. It relaxes the entire area. It makes the outer lips and inner walls more sensitive. It appears to stimulate the body’s own natural lubricants. It can also dramatically increase the number and sensations of orgasms.

Combined with a little oral ingestion of cannabis as well, this could be just the ticket to a memorable evening. Or should that be plural? It should go without saying that latex and oil do not go together well. Plan accordingly. As oral sex is also much more pleasurable with a canna-lube, you may not even miss a condom.

Canna-lube is about to find its market, if not its moment. Cannabis infused oil is a powerful aphrodisiac and enhancer for women. Try this recipe at home!