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cannabis lighter

Cannabis lighter

This is more designed for lighting thin joints. You have to fit the end of the joint into the part of the lighter that creates the electrical current.

If you can do that, you’re golden. (In a pinch, you could light something small, like a little twig, and use that flame to light your bowl. That would kind of defeat the purpose, but you’d probably be channeling Nicola Tesla or Elon Musk.)
These have a long battery life and can be recharged with their USB port.

Lighters have a habit of filling up your drawers and backpacks — until they’re needed. Suddenly, they’re nowhere to be found. (That’s why they make such great stoner gifts, too.)
Longtime Zippo users love these lighters’ distinctive “click.”
Choose from several classy finishes, like a matter chrome or a more engraved look.
Unless you’re smoking a bowl. In which case, it may not work.
These Tesla Electric Lighters stand out because they’re lighters from the future. They don’t even use butane. Instead, these use an electrical current to create a spark.

This makes this lighter completely windproof. If you’re looking for a lighter to use on the chairlift between runs, or on top of a mountain, this could be perfect for you.

Looking for the best lighter for weed? Of course you are. Stoners are constantly misplacing lighters. (Your friends keep pocketing them.) You need these.