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cannabis growing tools

Cannabis growing tools

Yes very good article; have had success with outdoor grows; now want to grow indoors, very quietly

Grow tents provide the ideal growing environment for your plants.

Lighting is your plants food source, so choosing the right light is important.

Hey Oscar! I didn’t include dirt as I didn’t think it could really be classed as “equipment” However, I have added an edit with my soil of choice.

A bud trimmer machine makes trimming large yields a breeze.

Timers are a very important bit of grow room equipment, as they automatically simulate day/night cycles for your plants.
Hey bro….. What size of air carbon filter and air intake inline fan i use for a 4×4 & 6×6 grow tent. And please man iam little bit confused about led light. Please give me suggestions of led for a 4×4 grow tent with 4-5 plants that give good buds and quantity with a budget led ………… And yes i have a option of vivosun 1200w creb, is that sufficient for 4 plants
Here’s a quick look at the items in our grow room supplies list.

That means, if you’re growing between 1-2 plants, you’ll need an LED with at least 64w of actual power.

This grow room equipment checklist covers everything that you need for a highly efficient grow room. Click here to find out more 🙂