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cannabis cup winners 2015

Cannabis cup winners 2015

2nd Place – Rx Green Solutions / The Ethos Collective

2nd Place – Mothership Glass – Beehive Concentrates
3rd Place – Oil Slick – Oil Slick

3rd Place – Black Fire – Docs Apothecary in collaboration with the Ethos Collective
2nd Place – GRiZ Kush – Native Roots
1st Place – Moxie Mix – Bader Extracts
1st Place – Tora Bora – MMJ America
1st Place – Cindy White – The Green Solution

3rd Place – Skywalker OG Kush – Dab Vader/Vader Extractracts

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Cannabis cup winners 2015

1st Place – Goji Rosin by Moxie Seeds & Extracts with ADA East and Foundation Extracts

2nd Place – Raw Papers | HBI
2nd Place – Moxie Solventless Goji 120-micron by A Detroit Alternative

3rd Place – Got Milk? by Mindright
1st Place – MOXIE | Moxie Mix
2nd Place – Captain Kirk’s Truffle Tropicales by Captain Kirk Edibles of Ann Arbor Health Collective


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