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cannabis cup alaska

Cannabis cup alaska

Best CBD Concentrate
1st Place: Somango Shatter by AK RIME

Best Sativa Concentrate
1st Place: Tangie Live Resin by Good Cannabis
Winners of the First Alaska Cannabis Cup
The first Alaska Cannabis Cup in the city of Wasilla.

Here are the winners of the first Alaska Cannabis Cup:
Best Sativa
1st Place: Grapefruit Juice by The Frost Frontier
2nd Place: Citrus Sunshine by The House of Green in Collaboration with BAM Alaska
3rd Place: Skunk Haze by Perpetual Perplextion
Best Hybrid
1st Place: Mac by Patrick Reagan Ak Legend Garden Center
2nd Place: Mimosa by Great Northern Cannabis
3rd Place: Platinum Huckleberry Cookies by Peace Frog Botanicals
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Best CBD Flower
1st Place: Critical Mass by Catalyst Cannabis Co

Best Hybrid Concentrate
1st Place: Grease Monkey Live Resin Sugar Silk by Einstein Labs
2nd Place: Purple Phantom Cookies by AK Canna Dudes with Ryan Walker
3rd Place: Bore Tide Shatter by AK RIME

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