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cannabis clubs stockton

  • Retail Storefront – Dispensary
  • Cultivation
  • Volatile Manufacturer
  • Microbusiness

The City of Stockton is accepting applications for commercial cannabis businesses.
For any questions regarding the Lottery Process, please contact the Permit Center at (209) 937-8331.

Each applicant is responsible for reviewing the Stockton Municipal Code and submitting a complete application compliant with all laws and regulations.

  • SMC Title 5 – Chapter 5.98, 5.99, and 5.100
  • Development Code Title 16 – Chapter 16.20, Section 16.20.020; Chapter 16.64, Section 16.64.040; Chapter 16.80, Section 16.80.195; and Chapter 16.240, Section 16.240.020

For questions relating to the Workforce Diversity Incentive Program, contact 209-937-8270.
There is no limit on the number of permits for Delivery, Non-Volatile Manufacturer, and Testing Lab businesses. Interested parties may apply beginning April 4, 2019.
The Workforce Diversity Program is a voluntary program for Commercial Cannabis Businesses. A business will be able to apply for the program during the business license application process and annual business license renewal process.

The City will be issuing two new permits on an annual basis, using a lottery system, for each of these business types:

Cannabis Business Permits Related Information Cannabis Business Permits The City of Stockton is accepting applications for commercial cannabis businesses. Applications – Delivery,

Cannabis clubs stockton

Where can I find out about the latest bylaws, permits and other MMJ information? The Stockton Official Website Check out the latest Ordinances, rules, permits concerning Medical Marijuana direct from the source.

Interesting Stockton
“The city filed two lawsuits last week aimed at preventing a pair of medical-marijuana dispensaries, one of them already closed, from operating in Stockton in violation of an ordinance that was adopted by the City Council more than two years ago.”

Stockton is one of the more interesting towns in California. Did You know? .. In 1937 the city’s canning industry made a move that sparked “The Great Spinach Riot.” Stockton had the largest Chinatown in the Country at one point as well. You have to love the nicknames for Stockton from yesteryear. Fat City”, Port City, Mudville, Brick City.
A captain Charles Weber became a kingpin in the Gold Rush business. First starting as a miner, he soon switched to businessman. Weber acquired much of the land in and around Stockton and set up residence. The town known as Mudville grew in size to the point where it was incorporated as a city in 1850.
STOCKTON, Calif. (KCRA) —Dorothy Hillbrant, 72, knows a lot about pain. She’s battling ovarian cancer and hates taking pain killers. They just make you constipated and you’re miserable and you’re addicted. And I don’t want to be addicted,” So she’s turned to medical marijuana to help her get out of her wheelchair and back on her pink tricycle.
Click the title above for a list of MMJ Attorneys that service the Stockton area.
The Chinese set up shop in masse in the 1850’s. These hardworking family oriented people were barred from owning land. The Chinese were a most important source of labor, building the early infrastructure of highways and railroads. Amazingly and disgracefully, the ban was only lifted in 1962.

“This is California’s time to re-emerge as the center of the cannabis economy and the center of cannabis culture, and that’s what’s so exciting.”

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