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cannabis and lsd

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LSD is a hybrid cannabis strain.

Cannabis and lsd

The last risk worth mentioning is some experts we spoke with believe mixing cannabis and psychedelics can increase your chance of developing Hallucinogen Perception Persisting Disorder (HPPD). HPPD is a condition characterized by lasting visual distortions (like tracers and halos), and possible depersonalization once your psychedelic experience has ended. It affects an estimated 0.12 to 4.2 percent of psychedelic users. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but the risk does seem to increase if you mix multiple drugs, including cannabis, and your frequency of psychedelic use may also play a part. Although, even among those with HPPD, not everyone is distressed by its symptoms, and some folks even seem to enjoy them.

Common effects: intensifies the MDMA effects
Like with other psychedelics, a popular time to use cannabis is at the end of an MDMA experience, but more as a way to even out the comedown than to elongate the trip. But again, I would caution against inexperienced users trying this before they know how each substance affects them individually.

There’s less concern that this combo will induce “a bad trip.” Although, increased anxiety is still a possibility, especially when using cannabis during the MDMA come-up or when you’re feeling particularly “rushy.”
As far as risks go, it’s important to point out that both cannabis and MDMA can increase your heart rate, especially if you’ve taken an ecstasy pill, which will likely include speed. If you already have a pre-existing heart condition, this combo could be potentially dangerous.
Common effects: intensifies the trip, especially the visuals
Smoking weed when you’re in the midst of a psychedelic experience is common, whether you’re on mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, or another hallucinogenic substance. But just because people do it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s risk-free. Like with all things psychedelic, the main concern is for users’ mental and spiritual well-being because cannabis can have an unpredictably strong effect when mixed with psychedelics, according to
Most common reasons: to intensify, increased euphoria, anxiety relief, regular cannabis consumers

Many people seem to enjoy mixing LSD and cannabis, saying it brings them “to another world” or is “euphoric” and “overwhelming in a good way.”

It's common to mix MDMA and weed or weed and acid, but should you? And are there any risks? Michelle Janikian explores. Read more at DoubleBlind.