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can you smoke weed seeds

Although this plastic forming oil is of an organic origin, it is definitely not healthy to smoke it. It’s like smoking paint basically. And if you smoke cannabis long enough you will know this first-hand because eventually you do hit a seed even with good bud and when you do it tastes nasty like you’re smoking paint or something and that’s because it’s very similar.

In California many extract manufacturers failed early on because they weren’t being careful enough about taking the seeds out and their product was failed for linoleic acid contamination. That is from the seeds. It’s an excellent dietary oil and you can substitute cannabis oil for flax oil and eat it and cook with it and for cooking it is definitely a top-shelf oil but you definitely will not want to smoke it.
It’s probably the equivalent of swallowing semen. Not going to fill your stomach and probably taste like semen.

Semen is very high protein and in sufficient quantities would in fact be a nutritious and filling meal. As I kept trying to convince my ex-gf.
But do not smoke them.
You shouldn’t even be seeing seeds. (Plural. ) Find a new place to buy.
They taste bad, they will blow aup a joint, blast bud out of a pipe. Will they harm you? Probly not more than smoke.
No, you should not smoke seeds. The seeds do contain oil but it is completely different from the oils in the resin of the buds. The oils in cannabis seeds are very similar in composition to flaxseed. Flaxseed is also known as linseed oil which is a drying oil used in a manner like lacquer. Some oils stay wet for a long time but drying oils like linseed will dry out and harden into a thin plastic-like layer when exposed to oxygen.

Plant them, hell even throw them in some random walk path.

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