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can you smoke fresh weed

Can you smoke fresh weed

Remedies and drinks

There is a range of views on the use of leaves for joints. Some prefer not to add them, as it slightly modifies the flavour. Others, meanwhile, prefer a bit of tobacco in the mixture. There are those who caution against this because it has given them headaches, so it is best for you to try them well mashed and mixed with buds; time will tell whether you are one who likes to smoke leaves or not.
The leaves also can also be used to prepare a nice weed tea. Remember that this drink by itself does not produce any effects, as the cannabinoids are not hydrosoluble. If you want to experience them, you’ll need to mix the leaves with oil or butter. Then add that mixture to the tea and stir. Place everything in a filter and steep in hot water for half an hour.

Animals like the leaves
This is something that many cannabis users have wondered about at some point. In the past they were smoked, and in some cultures they still are. But today they are mainly mashed and mixed with the material acquired from the bud, which is where most of the cannabis’ psychoactive components are found. But they are also used for many other things, like obtaining resin to prepare tea, or to gauge the plant’s health. We will share a few of them with you here.
In addition, many have found cannabis leaves to have medicinal properties. Former cricket player Viv Richards shared that on one occasion when he travelled to Jamaica he told friends about some vision problems that he had been experiencing. They took him to a herbologist, who recommended a green tea prepared with fresh marijuana leaves. “Whenever I drank that tea, I knew that it was going to do wonders for me.”
If this option is just not your “cup of tea,” you can always make juice. On the Internet you can find a number of recipes to put the other parts of your plants to use. Some people mix green leaves in a blender with a store-bought or previously-prepared juice, as seen in the video above. This is precisely the advantage of this drink: you can mix them with whatever fruit flavours you like.
It should also be noted that not all leaves should be smoked. In fact, one must be very careful with the largest leaves. If a plant has been treated with fertilisers it is important to avoid them, as they will contain the greatest amounts of the chemicals used. The same is not true of the leaves closest to the bud, which are loaded with resin; it is best to set them aside to extract this important element. This has been known ever since antiquity, when in some areas of Asia, like in Nepal, the resin was extracted by rubbing the buds or leaves in one’s hands to obtain top-quality charas, a practice that has survived all the way down until today.

Although they may enjoy munching on the leaves, you do need to prevent them from consuming related products, like cannabis oil or butter, whose THC content can adversely affect them. As long as it’s just a chomp here and there, you won’t have any problems.

Can Cannabis Leaves Be Smoked?