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can you press rosin from shake

That’s the rosin, and after you let it cool it is ready for dabbing. You can also press the puck a second time to get the rest of the rosin out. While the yield won’t be nearly as much as the first press, it is still well worth it.

Now that you know how to make Dry Sift Hash from your trim, I would like to cover how to Press Rosin. Unfortunately you cant really use trim to press Rosin but you can press the buds that didn’t come out so well from your harvest. I’m talking about the Larf and Popcorn buds from the bottom of the plant that didn’t really develop fully. When pressed, they can make some top-notch Rosin.
Once in, shake for 10 minutes and switch out for new product. The results from bud are much larger than trim, since trichomes are much more present on that part of the plant. Always use a sturdy card when scraping your dry sift together, otherwise it can cause it to go flying everywhere.

So far I have explained how to make Dry Sift Hash as well as Rosin from your homegrown supply. But I haven’t yet shown you how to make Dry Sift Rosin! Dry Sift Rosin is pretty hard to come by and is one of the tastiest ways to consume cannabis. The process is exactly the same as pressing flower in a filter bag, except you will need to use a 25 micron filter.
When making Dry Sift from trim, all you need to do is take a handful or two of dry trim and place it into the top compartment of the pollen box. Place two quarters in there as well, as they will help knock off the trichomes.
What is great about these two forms of concentrates is they’re solvent free and much healthier to smoke than other types of extract.
You can also make dry sift out of bud if you so desire. Most growers like to save their top-shelf bud for smoking and their popcorn buds for extract, which is where dry sift comes in. The process is very similar as with the trim, except you want to lightly grind the bud up before putting it into the pollen shaker.
Clip the excess, fold the top over, and put into a piece of parchment paper. Slowly press down until fully locked out and then raise the lever after 30-45 seconds. You can re-press what is left, but the yields will be very minimal. After your dry sift rosin has cooled for 10-15 minutes, it is ready for use!

It is best to pull the lever down slowly, letting the bud heat up gradually before putting full pressure on. Be sure to lock out the lever completely and then wait 30-45 seconds before lifting. Once you lift up there should be a puck of weed flattened out on your parchment paper, with globs of liquid gold all around it.

Concentrates such as Dry Sift Hash can be made from trim using very simple techniques, and the end result is a very high quality concentrate.

I take all my shake and sift it then press rosin from the kief

let me know how it goes. I live in a not so 420 friendly area so the less I waste the better
It really depends on how sticky it is. We’ve been running shake lately, but it’s bud shake and we’re able to ball it up into nugs.

I picked up weight and for the most part it’s shake. I see videos of people pressing nugs but it is possible with shake or will it burn?
Doesn’t usually work very well.
Did it two times, got shit. Haven’t done it since. Better to dry sift and kief press or I’d just smoke it honestly.
A quickwash with ethanol would work better.
You can just get bags to smash it in. You can use a coffee filter or something else if you really want but i suggest picking up some rosin bags for flower. Lower micron but it’ll keep the particulates out for the most part

I did. It was just straight shake and trim with no sifting. I used T-sac hemp filter bags and it came it out well under my press.

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