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can you grow weed outside in colorado

Can you grow weed outside in colorado

“They’re hurting the patients, is what they’re doing,” said Jennie Stormes, a Colorado Springs mother whose 17-year-old son has a type of Parkinson’s disease and has a caregiver grow the 48 plants recommended by her son’s doctor.

Of the 28 states with legal medical marijuana, only Colorado currently allows more than 16 pot plants per home.
Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, but it has a nagging black-market problem.

Stormes called the residential plant limit unnecessary because local zoning laws and her renters’ lease already ban her growing marijuana at home.
“This is a good start to begin to help our local jurisdictions,” said Rep. Terri Carver, R-Colorado Springs.
A small marijuana leaf is pictured. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
But lawmakers sided with law enforcement complaints that the limits they called generous are impossible to enforce. The grants to give marijuana revenue to authorities under the bill would give priority funding to rural law enforcement agencies.
The bills advanced by the Colorado House this week would force those large-scale operations to move to areas that are not zoned residential.

The bill passed 65-10 after sponsors argued that Colorado’s generous home-grown weed laws make it impossible to tell whether someone is growing plants legally, or whether the plants are destined for the black market.

DENVER – The nation’s most generous grow-your-own marijuana laws came closer Monday to being curbed in Colorado, where the state House advanced a pair of bills aimed at cracking down on people who grow weed outside the commercial, taxed system.