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can i fail a drug test from second hand

Can i fail a drug test from second hand

Herrmann continues to say that this is a situation that you’ll only find yourself in if you really want to. The scenario of the non-smokers in the ventilated room is a realistic simulation of most of the conditions that you are likely to find yourself in, let’s say in a concert or if you share a room with a heavy smoker.

Nonsmokers from the ventilated exposure passed the test using 50 ng/ml and 20 ng/ml cutoff levels and didn’t report any strange feeling besides being hungry.
The word on the internet is that inhaling secondhand smoke can get you high and even lead to a failed urine test.

In the first session, one group consisting of 6 smokers and six nonsmokers was placed in a 10ft by 13ft acrylic-walled room side by side. The smokers were given ten high-potency cannabis cigarettes to smoke for one hour with the fans turned on.
Between 2 and 22 hours after the end of the exposure, 4 of the 6 urine samples from the unventilated exposure tested positive for THC using a lower cutoff level of 20 ng/ml but negative for with the 50 ng/ml that is used by most laboratories. 4 hours after the experiment, only 1 urine sample tested positive using the 50 ng/m cutoff level.
There are lots of studies that have been carried out around this topic, and they all claim that secondhand smoke has the potential to cause a contact high and can even lead to a failed drug test.
In addition, the cases of slight impairment that was observed with the non-smokers in the unventilated setup are clear indications that you can actually get HIGH from secondary smoke.
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Although exhaled cannabis smoke has traces of THC, the level is so low to cause a significant concentration that would lead to a failed drug test unless you are in a hotbox. In the scenario above, the fact that the non-smokers passed the test with both the 20 ng/ml and 50 ng/ml cutoff levels is an indication of the low amounts of secondary THC concentration that make it to your blood system in a ventilated room.

Can Inhaling Second Hand Cannabis Smoke Make You Fail a Drug Test? The search for methods that work in passing scheduled urine drug tests is a real struggle among stoners. There’s a reason