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california emerald triangle

California emerald triangle

All classes of people arrive constantly in the Emerald Triangle: backpackers, trimmers, growers, breeders, specialists in resin extractions. anyone who feels an affinity for some aspect of the plant will be at home in this area like. Not without reason, the profits that can be obtained, in particular for those who grow outdoors and don’t have to pay expensive electricity bills, are an incentive that can be difficult to turn down.

Map of California with the Emerald Triangle outlined in red
The cultivation of wine grapes is also popular in the valleys and hills of the Emerald Triangle

The spectacular Mendocino Skunk from Paradise Seeds
So the cannabis culture and industry grow ceaselessly in these three counties where the love for the plant has for decades been well-rooted in many families, many boasting third-generation growers. According to a 2014 report, cannabis was already turning over more money than traditional wine production, and there is now talk of creating a series of Denominations of Origin to distinguish the flowers grown in the different areas of the Triangle.
The counties of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity are not only renowned for the quality of their herb, but also for the cannabis cultivars that have been created in this beautiful corner of the world. Here are just a few of them:
But what is the future of the Emerald Triangle among the growing wave of legalisation that more and more states in the US are experiencing? Will it hold its reputation as the largest cannabis producer in the country? The fact that growers in many other areas can carry out their activity freely and professionally could slightly demystify the products from the Triangle, although tradition, soil, climate and the knowledge and experience of the nearly 20,000 growers in these three counties will surely mean their produce will continue to be considered among of the best in the world.
A beautiful cannabis plant flowering in the Emerald Triangle (Photo: Brian Shamblen)

In addition, it enjoys an ideal climatology for growing cannabis, with great solar exposure, absence of strong winds, an excellent and fertile soil and optimal temperatures. All this means that the cultivation and breeding of this plant has become, without doubt, one of the main and most profitable activities in this region, with excellent varieties of cannabis developed by local breeders.

The Emerald Triangle is a region located on the west coast of the USA and formed by three counties (Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity), a land were cann

Scott said, “As all of us in California know there is already not enough water to go around, massive amounts of it are being diverted to this illegal criminal enterprise to grow marijuana.”

Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties make up the largest cannabis growing region in the U.S. Pot has been grown there since the 1960s.
HUMBOLDT, Calif. (KGO) — Three Northern California counties have been ground zero for the state’s pot production for decades. Illegal grows are hidden on federal lands and often run by Mexican drug cartels. Now that the state is regulating cannabis they’re on notice to clean-up their act, or shut down.

They often tap into nearby streams and creeks to water their plants.
“It makes me angry because this is a national asset,” he said. “It’s a national treasure and it’s being despoiled by criminals.”
Humboldt County is home to ancient redwood forests, environmentally sensitive creeks and streams, and pot. The county sheriff showed us these photos from a recent raid where you can see the dirty side of the weed industry. Investigators found trash, hazardous waste and even raw sewage all next to an endangered salmon spawning area.
But environmentalists are now suing in Humboldt County. The Friends of the Eel River filed a suit claiming the county’s recently adopted pot rules, “fail to adequately protect native fish and waters from the impacts of cannabis cultivation.”
That is where the focus has shifted. While state regulators are ensuring licensed farms are following the state rules, Fish and Wildlife is going after those who aren’t. Last month they arrested three men at four allegedly illegal sites and authorities say they discovered $3 million in hidden cash. The men have been released pending charges.

In nearby Trinity County, U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott recently showed what was left behind after a raid on National Forest land.

Three Northern California counties have been ground zero for the state's pot production for decades. Illegal grows are hidden on federal lands and often run by Mexican drug cartels.