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california bud

California bud

Cannabis Farm-California Bud Company

A Farm Fresh Selection
The Gelato strain on the other hand was no less potent in the overall effect, but the mouthfeel was completely different. Where the Cookies strain was focused and direct, almost poking fun at my tongue and lips with a pin, the Gelato strain was full, round and creamy, as if it was touched with dollops of rich goat cheese and freshly churned, sea salt dusted butter. Add a touch of crushed stones and an earthy, citrus tinged quality that tucks deeply into late fall leaves, the Gelato was an education for the intellect. Much in there! Each hit gently offering deep pleasures to the nose and brimming with buckets of fun across the palate. Each hit had a very wine-like finish, all funk and Terroir. The trailing of smoke on the exhale, reminiscent of juicy fruit chewing gum, leaves the vapor-filled lungs, oozing with a multi-minute finish and then that full-body stone. Lovely indeed. Gelato mimics its namesake of ultra-creamy, Italian-style ice cream to a T.

California Bud Co. “Uplifting the welfare of our community, while elevating the reputation of cannabis, through cultivation with integrity”.
Cannabis Farm Flower
A rather fat hand rolled-cone stuffed with the California Bud Company strain named Cookies was just passed my way with a knowing smile. I knew at that very moment, encapsulated in that slowly burning cherry at the tip, was more than just mere enlightenment. Inside this perfectly crafted cone contained their namesake product, the most wonderful cannabis, hand-tended and sunshine grown. It was, quite simply; “Cultivated Happiness.” There was deep love and his company’s cannabis grower’s passion spilling out of the spiraling smoke. This experience was way more than just another perfect Cali-type moment in time. Buckets of bountiful California sunshine came spilling out of each hit of the joint and the timeless Beatles’ song, Blue Jay Way reverberated throughout my sun-drenched memory of the day. A curiously sweet aroma of freshly crushed California coastal grown herbs: rosemary, thyme and sage, enveloped our heads as we gazed out over that endless horizon, purple and red and yellow in color. Sometimes the sky looks like it is even on fire, it’s that kind of place. Los Angeles’ sprawl spilled out over hundreds of square miles under this well-traveled road.
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The California Bud Company offers some of the best flowers that money can buy at a price that nearly everyone can afford. Cheers.

California Bud Co. “Uplifting the welfare of our community, while elevating the reputation of cannabis, through cultivation with integrity”.