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california breeders

No person shall cause or allow any dog or cat owned, harbored or kept within the City of Los Angeles to breed without first obtaining a breeding permit. Each breeding permit shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance, and may be renewed annually before its expiration date. Each applicant for such permit must obtain a breeding permit $235.00 and an intact license $100.00. The animal must be microchipped as well.

City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services ANIMAL BREEDER’S PERMIT
D. Any holder of a breeding permit who advertises the availability of any dog or cat for sale, adoption, or transfer, whether for compensation or otherwise must prominently display the permit number in any such advertisement. Further, the breeding permit holder must provide the permit number to any person who purchases, adopts, or receives any animal from the permit holder and include the permit number on any receipt of sale.

F. Any breeding permit holder selling or otherwise transferring a dog or cat, whether for compensation or otherwise, shall submit to the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services the name, address, and telephone number of the animal’s new owner within five days from the sale or other transfer, on a Department approved form; and G. Any breeding permit holder or commercial establishment which sells or otherwise transfers a dog or cat, whether for compensation or otherwise, shall provide to the new animal owner City application(s) for a license and permit as well as written information regarding the license and permit requirements of the City of Los Angeles applicable to such animal.
A. The owner of an unaltered female dog or cat shall not allow the whelping of more than one litter in any household within the permit year. Not withstanding this provision, the General Manager is authorized, upon application of a permittee, to allow on a onetime basis the whelping of up to two dog or cat litters per breeding animal within any domestic household within a year, if the permittee establishes, according to regulations promulgated by the General Manager, that such breeding is required to protect the health of the animal or avert a substantial economic loss to the permittee. In the event that a permittee is forced to euthanize a litter of dogs or cats, the General Manager may authorize the whelping of one additional litter of dogs or cats within the same permit year by the permittee.
E. Commercial establishments selling locally bred dogs or cats shall prominently display the breeding permit number(s) of the breeder(s) whose dogs or cats are sold in said establishments and any other pertinent information required by the General Manager. Commercial establishments selling dogs or cats not bred within the City of Los Angeles shall prominently display the name and address of the breeder(s) of such dogs and cats and any other pertinent information required by the General Manager.
C. No offspring may be sold or adopted until immunized against common disease. The sale or adoption of a dog or cat shall include a statement signed by the seller or adopter attesting to the signatory’s knowledge of the animal’s health and the animal’s immunization history.

B. No offspring may be sold, adopted, bartered, or otherwise transferred, whether for compensation or otherwise, until it has reached the age of at least eight weeks.

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California breeders

Breeder Information:
Suzzane Kelleher-Duckett

Breeder Information:
Judith Murdock
Breeder Information:
Arana Greenberg

The Great Dane Club of America Charitable Trust supports Great Dane welfare and rescue efforts, educational programs, Scholarship Programs for junior handlers, initiatives to create great awareness of breed-specific health problems and medical research efforts to improve the quality of life of the Great Dane.
Breeder Information:
Pepper Riddle
Breeder Information:
Lisa Garrison
Location: Santa Clarita, California
Email: [email protected]
Breeder Information:
Dane Affaire
Laura Munro

Breeder Information:
Jolene G. DeGraef

Breeder Directory California Breeder Information: AZULENE GREAT DANES Michelle Gillette Breeder Information: B&K GREAT DANES Barbara Kreszyn Location: Pioneer, California