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cali orange strain

Cali orange strain

In an ideal set up, growers will use hydroponics and combine it with the Sea of Green training technique. It has an indoor flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. Once ready, the estimated yield per square meter is between 400 to 500 grams.

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On rare occasions, there are also some people who may feel paranoid. In this case, it is likely a result of overindulgence when the strain can become overwhelming. For this reason, users should always use this strain within limits.

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Its lineage remains a mystery though. Some say that it was created back in the 1980’s in California. Since its appearance, it was called by many names such as Cali-O, California Orange Bud, and C.O.B. Regardless; one thing is for sure. It has a 50-50 Sativa-Indica ratio that provides balanced cerebral and body effects. It is also considered to be a mild strain in that its effects are gentle.
While users bask under the gentle mental high, the Indica effects come in to play thus putting the body into total relaxation. The good thing about California Orange is that it does not send its user to dreamland. In other words, it does not cause laziness or make people feel lethargic.
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Peeling the skin of orange gives off a zesty citrusy smell that wakes the senses. That is how this strain delivers its scent. It has an earthy and tropical undertone that is very pleasant on the nostrils.

Being a balanced hybrid with an average to above-average potency, the gentle effects of California Orange also has benefits for medical cannabis users.

Although its parentage is unknown, California Orange is a delight with its citrusy fragrance to go along with its balanced and gentle mental and body high.