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cali orange bud

Cali orange bud
California Orange Bud, aka Cali Orange Bud, is a marijuana with excess power and energy – we’re talking here about its taste and effects ;).
People who grow this strain once will grow it again.
Cali Orange Bud enjoys a sweet citrus-like smell when flowering and a taste to die for when smoked.
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Cali Orange Bud is simply a well performing strain with a gorgeous yield of top quality marijuana.
When fully mature, Cali Orange Bud has an overall colour that is more orange than green and a large havest on sweet smoking potent bud.
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Notice: Dealing in cannabis seeds is not illegal in most countries with few restrictions. Some places allow the cultivation of cannabis provided it’s for medical use. Some states have laws prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless you gets a license beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive regulations that prevents any of its people from cultivating cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.
Sensi Seeds seed bank sends seeds to states in the EU. Sensi Seeds seed bank will not ship marijuana seeds to states outside the EU. Merchandise can be delivered outside the European Union.
Cali Orange Bud is the star cannabis of California. High quality and big harvests are assured when growing Cali Orange Bud Sensi Seeds, White Label branch.
Cali orange bud
California Orange Bud feminized is such a potent plant that even the smaller leaves are covered with shiny resin.
Their sellers claim that, the features from the Indica strain is highly expressed in some breeds and so does the Sativa traits, which gives wonderful opportunities for farmers in outdoor cultivation process or in the indoor cultivation process.
Awards and Accolades
It hasgenetics with a sweet flavor and great sweet orange aroma. Originally from California, being brought from Holland in early eighties, it is suitable for indoor and greenhouse growers. It is one such rare strain that has lot of effects in terms of both performance and flavor. Apart from the pleasant orange taste, it features lot of pistil clumps, which produce sticky, solid buds.
Winning several cups in eighties and nineties, it remains a classic strain, which is suitable for any cannabis grower. The smoke is quite cerebral, uplifting and highly potent for unique taste of ripe orange with clear citrus tone.
The flowering stage is pretty short and one can smell the essence of orange throughout that period. Balancing the orange flavor, it has thick clumps of pistils over resinous, solid buds. Apart from the orange flavor, the plants when fully matured can turn orange in color than usual green, resulting in a colorful yield.
One of the famous outdoor seeds from California, Orange Bud originally hails from Holland, and it was discovered in the early 80s. It can be cultivated indoors and is suitable for greenhouse growing conditions.
The Distinct Sweet Orange Aroma
California Orange Bud feminized is a minimal dare for the less experienced growers but very easy for the more experienced ones and grows well in most of the existing growing conditions.
A so called medium maintenance plant that shows it’s gratitude by good quality buds and amazingly high yield.
Although she is mainly Indica she won’t grow very tall what means she is very suitable for growing with limited space whether you grow her in- or outdoors.
The odour the buds are spreading can be called fruity like citrus fruit and with their beautiful long orange brown hairs she really lives up to her name.
When the buds are being consumed the fruity citrus taste will help the uplifting effect you get and a very energetic body high will take over without leaving you locked in your couch.
California Orange Bud feminized is such a potent plant that even the smaller leaves are covered with shiny resin.