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After removing the top place the top of theplant in a glass of water. Use a 12/12 schedule (12 hours of light on, 12 hours off). Put in a normal window sill (if you’re not using lights), for 2 weeks.

Once the plant reaches 18¨ or your preferred capable flowering height, flip the light schedule to 12/12 (12 hours of light on/12 hours off) to initiate flowering of the plant.
The plant’s flowering is now automated and for best results, maintain an ambient temperature range of 68-73° with a relative humidity of 45%.

The seed will then crack and the tap root begins to show.
After 20 days, transplant to a larger container. The larger the root mass the bigger the bud.
At this time, it’s crucial to wipe out any causes of plant stress. This can include the following: over fertilizing; over nutrients; room heat too hot; stronger winds as opposed to a gentle fan; with the biggest being light leaks.
After 10 days, begin the snap test by breaking the branch. If the branch snaps begin to remove buds and place on a net or screen for 3-5 days to finalize drying. If the branch bends there’s still too much moisture and the buds need more drying time.
When week 8 begins, do a nutrient flush by adding tap water (if you use a cleaning agent, we recommend Clearex to remove all the salts and nutrient buildup on roots).

Now we’re at the cure stage, which will make or break all your hard work either as a treasure or moldy trash. Use Rubbermaid tubs or gallon size Mason jars with a rubber gasket. You’ll want something with an airtight seal, which isvital.

The Cali Connection – We are a multiple Cannabis Cup award winning seed company dedicated to providing patients and breeders with the best genetics. Shipping to CA resident MMJ holders.

Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Mono-Potassium Phosphate, Mono-Ammonium Phosphate, Plant Protein Hydrolysate, Natural volcanic Ash, Cane Molasses

Use during vegetative growth stage.
Mix 1/2 lb. Grow Pack A plus 1/2 lb. Grow Pack B for every 50 gallons of reservoir water.

Well Suited for:
Primary Function/Use:
Soluble Potash (K2O)…..8.0%
This product is a soluble plant supplement that is used for horticultural purposes.
Also Contains NON-Plant Food Ingredients:

Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in a cool, dry, dark place.

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