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cali gold bars review

Appearance: Small, tiny logs of chocolate. Kudos to Cali Gold on their font choice and branding design.
Medical Applicability: Given their strength, I think these would be good to treat any symptom you’d address with a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid. They did not have me couch-bound like with an indica, and I experienced some paranoia. But I’m also kind of a freak.
Even though Sour Diesel is a hybrid, I thought the high from these was pretty racy and for a moment I got a little paranoid, which usually doesn’t happen when I stick to indica edibles (like, for example, the KIVA Blueberry Terra Bites). My other criticism of the product is that due to their thickness and hardness, it was difficult to cut off a piece with a knife without it flaking all over the place. However, if you’ve got the tolerance, I imagine popping a whole one would be awesome, as they do taste really good.
Flavor: Cali Gold chocolate tastes as good as any “artisan” chocolate on the market, and the hint of cannabis makes for a home-run in your mouth.
The Basics: Each bar contains 32 mg of THC.
Most of us have had a late night snack attack after a bong rip, and the path from smoking weed to eating chocolate is pretty direct. In fact, I once broke my tooth on a frozen Twix bar because my appetite for the stuff overpowered my common sense and I didn’t wait long enough for it to soften.
I started with about a third of one of the tiny bars. I should also say that is where I ended, as I got really stoned off that amount, which makes sense because 10 mg of THC usually gets me pretty ripped. Not only did it feel stronger than other edibles I’ve eaten, the effects lasted longer. For those using Cali Gold as bona fide medicine, these will certainly do the trick.
The chocolates are hard, individually wrapped, and about the size of a Jolly Rancher. Each tiny bar contains 53 percent cacao and 32 mg of THC, which is pretty high for such a small chocolate. Cali Gold also sells regular-sized bars with 125 mg and 250 mg of THC, that come in flavors like dark chocolate Himalayan sea salt and milk chocolate.
As it turns out, there’s scientific evidence behind cannabis and chocolate’s complementary nature, and it has to do with two very similar compounds: THC and anandamide. We all know about THC and its effects on the brain. But anandamide is a lesser-known lipid found in chocolate that’s almost identical to THC. Some scientists believe that anandamide can cause CBD and THC to stay in your body longer by inhibiting the breakdown of cannabinoids in these compounds. In other words, you stay high for a longer amount of time when you mix the two.
The tiny progeny of the full-grown bar has everything you need (and maybe more). Most of us have had a late night snack attack after a…