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buy grapefruit

Buy grapefruit

Choose Ruby Red grapefruit because you love its distinctive sweet–sour, full–bodied taste and want a juicy, nutritious citrus. Or just because you love grapefruit at breakfast!

You can buy Ruby Red grapefruit from November through March, but they’re at their peak in January and February. In fact, February is National Grapefruit Month.
Grapefruit is big in Japan. About 40% of Florida’s grapefruit crop is shipped to that country.

Did you know that red grapefruits are more nutritious than white ones? It’s true. Like all citrus, grapefruit has plenty of vitamin C — but Ruby Reds are also high in lycopene, an antioxidant with the power to fight free radicals, which age our bodies. In fact, lycopene is what makes red grapefruit red. Ruby Reds are also much higher in vitamin A than white grapefruit.
In a scientific experiment, red grapefruit were found to lower cholesterol levels, while white grapefruit had no such effect.
The Ruby Red has a classic yellow grapefruit peel with a lovely blush of red. Slice open the thin–skinned fruit to find beautiful, light–pink to deep red flesh inside.
Of course, Ruby Reds are awesome in their classic use as a halved and sectioned breakfast fruit, and they also make delicious and abundant juice — some people prefer grapefruit juice over all others. (It’s also a classic mix–in for many cocktails.) But don’t forget grapefruit’s culinary uses — it’s getting more popular for this all the time.
Unlike older white and pink varieties, the Ruby Red is virtually seedless. (As with other seedless citrus, you may find a stray seed here and there.)

There’s no question that Ruby Reds are juicy! After you’ve enjoyed them for breakfast and sectioned some up for salads, sauces, seafood dishes, or other delights, squeeze up a few and enjoy a glass of the best grapefruit juice you’ve ever had.

Buyer’s Guide to Florida Citrus Buying Ruby Red Grapefruit The Bottom Line Looking for juicy, succulent, sweet–tart taste? You found it. The gorgeous, unforgettable Ruby Red grapefruit