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build homemade grow box

Build homemade grow box

The solution I came up with was to place the duct work outside of the cabinet.

This allowed three different height settings for the light. The unused two positions are capped off. Take a look…
Also, I installed a “Kill-a-Watt” device to monitor my electrical usage so I can easily calculate the total extra cost to my electricity bill each month.

Use the following items to make a stealthy grow cabinet just like his:
Now that my fan room was set up, I allowed the exhaust to escape upward into a carbon filter. I mounted the filter inside a Rubbermaid tote to make the whole setup more discrete.
Cost: $1.64/gram
Important: The opening for your intake hole should be about twice the size of your exhaust hole.
The first thing to deal with was the Intake and exhaust – a clean environment and fresh air for my plants.

“1st time grower. Plants are 1 month old, and 12″ tall now. Set up for less than $250. Used cab.w/4 bulb, 24″ T5’s, 4″ elec exhaust, Thanx for great info.”

See how one grower built his own stealthy grow cabinet (in pictures), then learn how to build your own!

Build homemade grow box

Overall, using PVC pipes is a smart choice. It’s lightweight and you can easily expand what you have by adding more pipes.

This DIY box tent tutorial is found on YouTube, so if you’re someone who needs to see how it’s done, then this is for you.
You also get to choose the materials you use that depends on your budget or your preferences.

You can also customize the size of your grow tent with this. If you want a bigger grow tent, then be prepared to purchase more PVC pipes, including the corners, Ts, and crosses.
A grow tent should have functionalities that could help you grow your plants or crops. There are a few key requirements that should be considered to make a great grow tent. Here are some of them.
This is great if you want a grow tent that you can completely customize. You can follow what’s on the video, but you can even change the measurements and make a bigger one.
This complete grow tent tutorial on YouTube is a complete guide on how you can set up a fully functional grow tent.
This guide includes how you can set up your grow tent’s duct and lighting system. This includes the vent, exhaust fan, and grow lights.

Making your own grow tent makes you maximize the size of what you have.

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