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bud white

Bud figures out Dot had bought a gray car, painted it purple and planted it. (68)

At the Victory Dudley tells Bud his plans are coming into effect and makes a play a recruiting him. (63)
Bud questions Lynn about Patchett and at the end asks her on a date (33)

He questions Hinton who doesn’t give much info on the hooker snuffs that Dud says to drop. Ed gets Bud to help him. (51)
Ed questions the three black men taken in as suspects in the Night Owl Massacre, playing them off against each other, but when Bud hears a woman was raped he bursts in the room and threatens the man being interrogated, getting a location he leaves both the man and Ed in fear.
As he goes over the background checks of the Night Owl victims he finds out, one Mal Lunceford was a disgraced ex-cop, and the other man, Duke Cathcart was a pimp. Picking up two of his girls Bud discovers one said he had a big scheme planned, later revealed to be getting into smut. Having followed another one of them he finds she goes to a girl Cathcart knew, Kathy Janeway, a 14-year-old who Cathcart bought from another pimp. While leaving he sees a red sedan. Going over to Cathcart’s place he feels something’s off and vows to find out regardless of Dudley. Maybr fake Cathcart.
Bud continues to look for Spade at all his haunts. Finds out Lynn slept w/Ed and hits her. (61)
Going to the party he goes out to get some fresh air but when it’s heard that they captured two more individuals who attacked some cops a fight breaks out between the prisoners and cops, and when Bud enters he beats up one of them. When Ed comes to break it up Bud locks him in a supply closet.

Bud thinks about his arrest quota and if he’ll need a lawyer.

When Bud was sixteen he witnessed his dad kill his mom, helpless to stop it. The old man came home; he must have believed his son’s warning: you touch Mother again and I will kill you. Asleep—cuffs on his wrists and ankles, awake—he saw the love fuck beat Mother dead with a tire iron. He…

Ray Pinker : Yeah, the fact that the pack-up boys haven’t carted this shit out of here yet.

Bud White : [flashes his badge] LAPD, shitbird. Get the fuck outta here or I’ll call your wife to come get you!
Bud White : A year from his pension. Exley.

Lynn Bracken : Is that why you became a cop? To get even?
Lynn Bracken : Well, actually, it was only two.
[White drags Loew into his office and dangles him out of the window by his legs until he confesses]
[punches Exley in the shoulder and then starts to walk away]
Bud White : It’ll look like justice. That’s what the man got. Justice.

Bud White : [embarrassed] Forget I asked. It was a mistake.

Секреты Лос-Анджелеса (1997) Russell Crowe as Bud White