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bud orange

Bud orange

Orange Bud’s aroma and flavour are unmistakable and recognized by countless of veteran smokers, with its pronounced fruity and nectarine notes over a sweet and sugary base, an experience that will take you back to an 80-90’s Dutch coffee shop.

Since its inception in the early 80’s, Orange Bud by Dutch Passion has become a true classic in the world of cannabis cultivation. This strain is derived from an excellent Skunk #1 clone selected over three decades ago that has survived thanks to its amazing yields, ease of cultivation and delicious flavour.
Once in bloom, Orange Bud stands out with its bulky buds loaded with a shiny resin layer and bright orange pistils. Indoors, this strain needs barely 8 weeks to be ready, while outdoors it matures during the first weeks of October in the Northern Hemisphere.

A sativa dominant gem now at your fingertips in our web in the form of feminized seeds.
With a THC level close to 17%, the high is almost instantaneous, uplifting and positive, ideal to elevate and motivate you. A strain recommended for cannabis users who don’t want to interrupt their pace of life.
Orange Bud is one of the most famous Skunk lines, well-known both in the Old and the New World.
Being 100% Skunk, its cultivation is easy and trouble-free, a vigorous plant resistant to pests and diseases, and that usually does not require a large amount of nutrients. Its structure makes this strain perfect for growing methods such as SOG, a technique that gives the highest production per square meter, and with which 1 gram per watt can be achieved.
We recommend you to carry out a proper flush during the last two weeks of flowering to maximize its organoleptic properties, enhancing the sweet and fruity notes that characterize this strain and that every Skunk lover should enjoy!

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