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bubblegum seeds

Title : Petite mais robuste.
Comment : Graine au top, plante petite mais robuste.

Title : Got to try a different high!
Comment : Grew this in pots, indoors/outdoors, not hugely successful in terms of yield (my bad) but a lovely smoke, so much so I have ordered five feminized seeds this time to get them in the ground and see what results I get.
Title : BUBLE

Title : excellent
Comment : germination rapide ­čśë
Title : Bubblegum XL
Comment : Buds are Bubbkishes
Bubblegum XL has a sweeter aroma than many other Amsterdam strains, with a sweet earthy flavour. Flowering takes around 8 to 9 weeks, producing dense, resin covered buds.
Title : Good
Comment : Very good products
Title : Nice
Comment : Nice seeds! Came all out , no problems, Nice plant!

Title : Bubble gum pop corn
Comment : Pas enti├Ęrement satisfait du rendement. Ca p├Ęse au final mais des buds petites et c’est un enfer ├á r├ęcolter ! Niveau go├╗t, c’est irr├ęprochable !

Bubblegum XL