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bubblegum plant

Bubblegum plant
Bloom Time:Planting to Hard Frost
Don’t think landscapes are her only talent. Supertunia ® Vista Bubblegum is just as great in containers, both upright containers and hanging baskets (photo right). I’ve used her by herself in pots, putting 3 plants each in 20 inch diameter planters. The next thing you know, I had huge pink mounds of color in front of the garage. When I use her by herself in a container I will usually trim her back once in mid to late summer, something I never feel the need to do when she is planted in the landscape. With containers, as time goes on, the plant may start to look a bit open. When that happens simply trim her back. The year I used her this way, at lunch one day I trimmed a good 6 inches off all over each planter. This made the planters look fuller and more groomed. There’s wasn’t a flower left. It was bad enough my husband even noticed and asked what happened! The planters were back in full bloom three days later.
Sun/Shade:Prefers full sun (at least 6 hours of direct sun a day)
Height:Medium, 16-24 inches
Non-Vista Supertunia ® petunias are 6 to 10 inches tall and strongly trailing. They are great in containers of all kinds and are a wonderful annual, flowering, groundcover. The Vistas, however, will mound up to 24 inches tall. On more than one occasion, I’ve actually seem them appear to climb a wall or lattice work or even nearby tall plants. Now, Supertunia ® Vista Bubblegum isn’t truly a climbing plant. She has no tendrils that will grasp an arbor and hold on. However, she is super vigorous and when she encounters a vertical surface she will continue to push growth, which makes her appear to be climbing whatever structure happens to be conveniently close.
This article covers plants that are great in the landscape.
Supertunia ® Vista Bubblegum is a great plant and she, as well as the rest of the Supertunia ® petunias, really only need a couple of things from you to be happy. First, Supertunia ® Vista Bubblegum is a full sun plant. Make sure she gets at least six hours of direct sun a day. Second, while not a lot of water is needed when she is planted in the landscape, regular watering will be necessary in containers. Third, Supertunia ® petunias are “heavy feeders” which means they need a lot of fertilizer to maximize their potential. In the landscape a good application of compost or controlled release fertilizer is usually enough to keep her happy. In containers, I use a controlled release fertilizer when I plant and then about a month later start using a weekly application of water soluble fertilizer to really give her a boost. Supertunia ® Vista Bubblegum will look fine without this much fertilizer, but to get her absolute best treat her like a teenage boy and feed, feed, feed.
However, Supertunia ® Vista Bubblegum is also great as part of a mixed planting in the landscape. I’ve used her as an accent plant in my landscape beds every year since we introduced her. She is great with other pinks, purples and yellows. She can also hold her own when mixed with red and bright yellow.
I really wanted to call this series of articles “10 Plants Every Gardener Should Try in the Landscape,” but this seemed a bit long for a title.Whatever you call them, these 10 plants should be great in landscapes in almost any climate. They were chosen to be heat tolerant, to need little to no supplemental water and to be easy to care for with no deadheading needed. I’ve grown them all (most of them repeatedly) and love them!
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