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● New air intake silencer makes a quiet skimmer

● Energy efficient, yet powerful pump
-Cleaning is now easier, the collection cup and body feature a quick release, reducing maintenance time. ­A silencer on the venturi air intake greatly reduces skimmer noise

-The body of the Curve 5 has a gentle curve that narrows to allow bubbles to rise smoothly to the collection cup.
-The Bubble Magus SP1000 pump provides energy savings through high efficiency and runs quietly.
● Easy to clean and maintain
The Bubble Magus CURVE 5 Protein Skimmer was self developed and produced by Bubble Magus, NOT just a re­branded generic skimmer.


Bubble Magus Curve 5 Protein Skimmer adopted in recent years begun to take off the cone-shaped chamber, the bubbles rising from the diversion box unimpeded direct access to the collection neck, so that bubbles can be more steady accumulation, an increase

Bubble magus

Advantages: Its quiet,easy to tune comes apart easily,and for my reefer 250 it’s a monster!

Bought this Curve 7 protein skimmer to replace an old Euro Reef that was outdated but still functioning otherwise. I got the model with the default Rock SP2000 motor and find the bubbles produced are fine and many and the operation is silent. This is a quiet skimmer that does the job, has water inlet adjustment that is useful, poor instructions, but a lot of YouTube videos that will help anyone put it together in less than 15 minutes. ReefSupplies staff expertly recommended this size for my total 230 G system and it takes up much less space in the sump than my old EuroReef from early 2008. The pump sits inside the foam fractionation chamber and that reduces its footprint a lot. Its a Chinese company that has come a long way since they started in 2005-06, and the price for the skimmer is economical.
Working Depth is closer to 18-20 cm, not the 25-27 cms as printed in the instruction sheet. I used a support below it to raise it in the sump.
Bought this skimmer for a new build, THIS THING IS DEAD QUIET !! Best bang for the buck hands down!

Disadvantages: None that I’ve found
Advantages: Quiet Operation
Comes apart easily for cleaning
Sturdy Plastic
Disadvantages: Very Poor Instructions
Goes crazy for first few days
Advantages: Very quiet , ease of cleaning, breaks down easy and straightforward re-assembling
Love this skimmer

The NEW Bubble Magus Curve7 Cone Skimmer

The new Bubble Magus Curve7 Cone Skimmer now avaialbale in Canada!