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bubble hash how to

Bubble hash how to

Here’s a short video of a washer in action

by Sirius Fourside
The cornerstone of making bubble hash is mixing up your weed, water and ice. All three of these methods produce the same quality of bubble hash. It’s the efficiency and amount of work that varies.

Don’t have a washer? Want to make bubble hash by hand? Learn how below!
Bubble hash refers to collecting hash from your weed (or trim) by submerging the weed in ice-cold water and agitating it. This causes trichomes to break off so you can collect them.
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Whenever you hear the word ‘hash’, it’s just referring to the extracted resin glands (trichomes, the sticky sparkly stuff) of a cannabis plant. The ‘bubble’ part refers to the method of using cold water and agitation to extract that resin.

  1. (Old School) Manual Method: Using a spoon or rubber spatula and hand mixing for a while.
    • Pros: Cheapest method, needs the least amount of tools.
    • Cons: The most physical work and the least efficient.
  2. Mixer Method: Using a hand mixer with beaters attached, or a hand drill with a paint-mixer or similar tool attached.
    • Pros: Many people have most of the tools needed. This method is much easier then hand-mixing and more efficient.
    • Cons: Still need a drill or mixer plus a good mixing attachment that’s also long.
  3. A hash-washing machine (mini washing machines)
    • Pros: Easiest method since you don’t have to mix. Also, the most efficient method since all the material is constantly mixed while the machine is on.
    • Cons: High initial cost since you have to buy the machine (

Making hash with a drill, mixer or by hand-mixing is the same process as with a washing machine. The only difference is that you will agitate everything with a power tool (or by hand) and pre-filter your hash-water with a 220-micron bag before filtering out your hash.

Bubble hash is made by putting weed (or trim) in ice-cold water and agitating it. This causes trichomes to break off the cannabis so you can collect them.

Bubble hash how to

Prepare your mesh bags in the other bucket. Start with the 25μm bag. Place it in the bucket with the side folded over the edge. Repeat the same process with your other bags and place them in ascending order.

Carefully pour your mix into the bucket with the bags and let the mixture stand for 15 minutes.
We will discuss two different methods for creating Bubble Hash to give you an overview of the possibilities. You can choose which method you prefer. Now, let’s get started!

The last bag requires the most care. Patience is a good thing here. Carefully lift the bag, moving slowly to drain so that the lumps of trichomes don’t fall apart. This is your highest-quality hash.
Making your own bubble hash, as mentioned above, works great, but products have been designed to make the process even more simple and much less messy. The Bubbleator B-Quick is one such machine that has condensed the entire process. This portable and easy to use apparatus also comes with a thermometre, pyramid zipper bag, a cleaner bag, and a crystal catching bag. The Bubbleator B-Quick works by automatically spinning plant material within water and ice, saving large amounts of time and physical work.
Bubble hash is seen throughout the world as some of the purest and finest available, and the great thing is, it is not particularly complicated to make!
If you decide to use the manual process (which is a good choice!), you will need several bags that feature increasingly finer mesh. The more bags used, the better. More bags allows for the collection of a larger amount of trichomes, with smaller mesh capturing purer and high-quality kief.

  • 2 large buckets
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Something to stir the mix with
  • Cannabis trim—the better the quality, the more/better the end product
  • Several mesh bags

At Zamnesia we offer two version of the Ice-O-Lator system. First, the special travel edition, which is extra compact, easy to store and perfect for on the go. The Ice-O-Lator Travel is suitable for up to 25 grams of dried plant matter. For processing up to 200 grams of dried plant matter, the small Ice-O-Later bags can be sued. These are available in sets of 2–7 bags with sizes varying from 220μm to 25μm. For making Bubble Hash we recommend using at least two mesh bags, but the quality of your hash increases with the number of bags you use.

When it comes to hash, bubble hash is the crème de la crème, so learning how to make your own can be a pretty handy skill.