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briggs and riley outlet half moon bay

I’m leaving for Italy in 2 weeks. My old cheap luggage finally gave out on me. I want to buy a carry-on wheel luggage.

I haven’t looked at the webiste you give so haven’t checked the weight of this particular B&R, but you ought to make the weight a consideration.
This 2 lb. difference might be important to you when packing.

What airlines do you expect to be flying? Some airlines have carry-on restrictions that are not only according to SIZE but also WEIGHT!
It’s the best luggage we’ve ever owned, and we’ve gone through a lot of bags over the years. B & R also have an exceptional warranty.
elizabeth, we have two pieces of Briggs and Riley. One is a 26-inch roller, the other a 21- or 22-inch carry-on. The latter is very similar to the B & R you’re considering.
I also have a B&R, the 24″ one, which I bought because of the great guarantee. I do like it.
I know that Air France, Alitalia, and British Air. to name a few. have weight restrictions for carry-ons, although they may not always enforce them.

But it’s heavy. It’s the heaviest suitcase I’ve ever owned. I stopped using it because I do a lot of train travel and lugging it onto and off of train platforms made me weary.

Europe – Rick Steves Luggage or Briggs & Riley – I'm leaving for Italy in 2 weeks. My old cheap luggage finally gave out on me. I want to buy a carry-on wheel luggage. Im looking into buying a Rick Steves Luggage or a Briggs &…


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