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bottle pipe

Bottle pipe

The good news is that the bottles can be customised for companies or regions by adding a logo. Currently, it offers a range that can have the names of different cities on them. In the UK this includes London and Birmingham with Manchester to follow.

The idea was to provide drinking water to everyone in outside areas from local squares and parks with its innovative pipe solution with recyclable bottles. Luckily the quality of the tap water in the Netherlands meant that the pipe-type taps could provide access to water for consumers everywhere, with the local authorities paying for the water supply. The success of the solution then saw the company expand inside to other venues such as universities, schools and offices.
“We use the residue and what is left over and this makes a resistant material that is way more sustainable than original plastic,” Ladigue says.

“They are partnering with Tesco and the idea is that when you do your shopping online everything comes in recyclable packaging,” she says.
The importance of offering the bottles was not only to be sustainable but also for health reasons.
“In Amsterdam we are working in partnership with Lipton Tea with bags for cold water to infuse,” she says.
But she admits the market is becoming more difficult for the innovative company as bigger multinationals enter the market with their own branded water bottles.
Join the Pipe has an ambition – to ensure that everyone has access to free good quality tap water and sustainable business solutions. It encourages people to refill, re-use and reduce.

There are also plans for more product innovation.

Join the Pipe argues that free water and fully recyclable bottles are the future.