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blunt wraps for weed

Blunt wraps for weed

If you love that nicotine head rush after smoking a blunt, Entourage has got you covered. Each pack contains two wraps that are made of a homogenized binder like a standard cigarillo, plus an attached natural leaf that adds a second layer to your blunt. This wrap is very wide and fits a ton of bud, making it a fantastic choice for a big smoke sesh. They also burn slowly and come in smooth, creamy flavors like Pink Vanilla.

Lazy blunt-lovers, rejoice! King Palm makes pre-rolled wraps made from slow-burning palm leaves. They’re chemical-free, glue-free, and come with a corn husk filter which helps prevent plant matter from getting in your mouth. They taste mild and natural thanks to the lack of artificial flavoring, plus they don’t harm the environment. According to their website, the leaves cut from the tree for King Palms grow back quickly and the corn husk filter is completely biodegradable.
High Hemp’s organic wraps are made with domestically sourced hemp and contain naturally occurring CBD . They’re also pesticide-free, GMO-free, and vegan. The wrap itself is a bit thicker than a typical blunt and comes with a filter tip to make rolling (and smoking) easier. I’ve tried several flavors including the original, Maui Mango, Grape Ape, and Honeypot Swirl. These are now my favorite non-tobacco wraps ever.

After a long day, there’s nothing like rolling up a blunt and blowing down. Rolling papers, glass, and vapes are cool, but blunt wraps will forever be the OG vehicle for weed. They burn slow, come in tons of flavors and are ideal for passing around a smoke circle.
Game cigarillos are another popular favorite for flavored cigarillos. They’re a little harsher than a Swisher because they have an added exterior leaf, but less harsh than a Backwood. Additionally, they fall somewhere in the middle in terms of difficulty to roll. Basically, Games are the goldilocks of blunt wraps, and I highly recommend the green flavor (I know green is generally a color, but trust me on this one).
For the blunt-lover who is looking for a tobacco-free alternative, Minty’s are a great option. These herbal wraps are made from 100% organically grown, additive-free mint leaves. While some people enjoy the harshness of tobacco, Minty’s offers a smooth, fresh hit that won’t leave you coughing.
Similar to dutches, Phillies are an old-school favorite for several reasons. They’re easy to slice open and roll, and they’re less harsh than wraps containing actual tobacco leaf. The original flavor is neutral and pleasant, but they’re also available in fun flavors like strawberry and chocolate (in some states). Phillies are the no-BS wrap for stoners who want a straightforward smoking experience.
Widely known for their delicious rolling papers, Juicy Jay’s also makes wraps designed for the full blunt experience without the tobacco. They roll and burn similarly to your average cigarillo, but they taste exactly like the flavor on the label. Their flavors include Black N’ Blueberry, Mango Papaya, and Strawberry Fields, all of which will add a nice fruity kick to your favorite bud.

As the great Missy Elliott once said, “pass that dutch.” Made with natural tobacco-leaf wrappers, Dutch Masters cigars are famously filled with bud for a mellow smoking experience. It’s Palma Dutches, often called vanilla dutches despite being unflavored, are always a solid option when choosing a blunt wrap that everyone will like. Dutch Masters also makes great cigarillos in tasty flavors like Honey Fusion, Berry Fusion, and Rum Fusion.

The Best Blunt Wraps for Every Stoner After a long day, there’s nothing like rolling up a blunt and blowing down. Rolling papers, glass, and vapes are cool, but blunt wraps will forever

Blunt wraps for weed

Zig Zag Cigarillos aren’t all the way terrible, but I wouldn’t get them again. They smoke weird and roll weird. Plus, in my opinion, they get stale quicker because I had to buy two packs to finally get a smokeable one. They burn too quickly for me. You can’t toss one around in a session and have any conversation, because every second it’s just buuuurning through the greens. They’re meh, ya know. Just meh.

Acid wraps are dope because they’re made of natural leaf. They also come from the Swisher Sweet company. I like these because you can taste the cannabis more when you smoke. They’re a tiny bit tougher to roll just because they don’t stick together as easily, but outside of that, they’re quality.
White Owls used to be the shit, but they began to disappoint over time. I still appreciate one every now and then, but I no longer compare them favorably to Swisher Sweets. That’s just blasphemy at this point. It’s like in 2009 when Chris Paul and Deron Williams were the arguments for Best PG in the NBA, but now you look back like “Lol, what the hell was wrong with me?” Still a good stick, though. Don’t get me wrong. They aren’t trash. There are just better options.

No. Absolutely not. I scooped at a random Valero on my way back from a road trip and was like hmm…I remember my uncles used to smoke big-ass Optimo cigars when I was a kid, but I don’t remember seeing them in cigarillo form. So I bought them, and honestly, the next time I pass that gas station I plan on stopping and asking for my money back. It might not be soon, but when the time comes, they will pay what they owe.
Dutch Masters surprised me because I’d never tried them before. At first I wasn’t sure because they hit a little weird, but I found myself going back for another pack of these a few days later. When smoking them, more air flies through to the point that you aren’t sure if you’re even getting any smoke. But one exhale clears that out pretty quickly.
I hate these. I hate the texture, I hate the way they burn, I hate everything about them. Pull one out of the package and the wrap feels way too moist for my liking. It’s like damn, was it doing cardio in there? Is this sweat? What the hell is going on here? The only plus is that it comes with that straw, which can be used for packing purposes. I can respect that.
Swisher Sweets are the perfect cigarillo and anyone who disagrees can see me in the front yard. They burn properly, they’re rarely stale, and you can get them at any gas station on any corner. Those are the three most important qualities when it comes to scooping sticks.
(Courtesy of Optimo)

Right now there’s someone screaming how Backwoods are actually the best. Fuck that and fuck them. Okay, I’m sorry, they didn’t deserve that but I’m willing to stand on this hill for as long as it takes. These things weren’t as hard to roll as I anticipated, but that heavy-ass cigar hit that comes with them is dumb as hell. If I wanted to smoke a cigar, I’d smoke a cigar. I’m here for the cannabis, my dudes. Bottom line: Backwoods are bad. They should be called…wait for it…Badwoods. I’ll see myself out.

Love blunts but aren't sure which wraps deliver the ultimate cannabis enjoyment? Fellow blunt lover Dante Jordan ranks various wrappers available at your local convenience store.