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blueberry weed seed

Like every other powerful strain out there, this strain has some side effects you should be aware before you buy Blueberry strain seeds. It can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Some users have also reported dizziness in some cases.

When I first tried blueberry strain I decided to grow it for my own. So my first purchase here was a pack of blueberry seeds. 5 of 5 germinated and I was so glad! Now I have a lot of dense buds for myself. Definitely recommend this place 🙂
I already ordered twice from this site and I’m always glad about the customer service here. I also got some free seeds! Thank you!

Marcus West – October 20, 2018 :
Blueberry is my fav strain and I really wanted to have my own cannabis plant at home. So I ordered 10 seeds pack here and received it very fast. I wasn’t sure if I get seeds of good quality but I did! Actually top quality product! Thank you!
Blueberry can handle cold nighttime temperatures. It has standard growth time of 8-9 weeks and performs best when harvested in October. When growing Blueberry strain seeds, use bat guano and worm casting to top dress your soil and help the buds take off.
Blueberry is perfect for growers of every caliber. The average THC level is 19,5%, but it can get as high as 24% depending on the growth conditions. With such level of THC, this strain is one of the most powerful indica strains you can grow today. With this strain, you can expect between 0,25% and 0,5% CBD. Blueberry strain seeds are very easy to grow. Characteristically, it is a dense and stout plant with red, purple, and blue hues. This product has a long shelf life.
Marek – October 23, 2019 :

Blueberry cannabis is a great strain with an easy and straightforward germination process. Its genetics is closely related to indigenous landrace strains in the Afghani Mountains. Thus, it performs optimally when grown outdoors. It can withstand both cold temperatures and humidity, thanks to its resilient nature.

Blueberry is a feminized easy to grow strain with a high yield. Zkittlez is a cross of Afghani, Thai and Purple Thai. Flowering period 8-9 weeks. FREE. Seeds. Delivery to USA, Canada, UK and Australia.