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blueberry space cake

Duration of Effects: 2-3 hours, depending on dosage

This is a Cresco Labs custom bred strain from their ‘Reserve’ line of flowers that combines two powerful, complex strains. It’s worth noting that this extract exhibited primarily the OG side of the family and has no Blueberry lineage. Cresco uses the Indica-dominant cuts of these flowers.
Genotype: Blueberry Space Cake = Outer Space X Alien Dutchess

Terpene Profile: The top three terpenes with the highest quantities present are highlighted in red text.
May Help With: Helped with stress and G.I. spasms. May also help with anxiety, PTSD, depression, body and muscle pain, nerve pain, appetite (and more).
Rating: 4 /5
An high quality live resin with lots of medicinal benefits. For me, this extract is an example of a high quality product that is not a great fit for me personally, though the rating does not reflect my personal taste. I never dabble in subjectivity. That’s how I rate products; it’s never about my personal likes or dislikes.

Form: per the label, “Live Resin Budder”
Method of Extraction: Butane

Outer Space = Island Sweet Skunk X Trinity Alien Dutchess = Dutch Treat Haze X Alien OG

A product review of Cresco’s Blueberry Space Cake Live Resin

This strain gives you a couch lock while making your arms and legs almost feel numb. Great pain relief for migraines as well. This is one of my new favorite strains.

Recommended by my budtender and wow was he right. Great pain reliever especially for those deep aches that even painkillers can’t touch. Unreal!! My new favorite. Cresco had improved so much on the concentrates. Nice job!
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VEEERRRRYYY NIIICCEE And again CRESCO and TERRA VIDA team up to bring you the best strains along with customer service that is as good as this strain. Another special strain from there RESERVE list of killer strains BLUEBERRY SPACE CAKE is right up there It at first fills your mouth with a floral taste sorta like blaberry brandy..coating your throat leaving a nice taste. now before ya get carried away S L O W D O W N. this is such a good tasting strain You May find yourself locked on the couch drooling! With a near 60% amount of THC and quality oils , used by CRESCO your cartridges will last a bit longer also this strain is a PANTRY SPECIAL. in other words at least 1 CARTRIDGE belongs in your emergency kit at all times. This is a smooth high cerebrally, n soon your body numbs up. So if ya want a nice high toke away. but for those of us using this to get through the day of pain and everything that comes with it. it’s nice to have 21 Century pharmacies like Terra Vida that strive to get the best medicine for there patients. Since I reviewed MENDO BREATH just yesterday looking at all the different molecules that boost your system and is great for pain, by adding a little extra THC from the SPACE CAKE to the MENDO BREATH which CBV is greasy for spasms , back n muscle pain. so After 5 hits only of the CAKE I am now taking 1/2 of each together. Remember for PAIN FREEya need more than THC and there RESERVES N LIVE RESINS are some of the best! So I did 5 hits. n climbing when I started writing this. I’m at a 3- now. one more hit n sleep. When ya live with pain NOTHING beats REAL sleep, not passing out from exhaustion, or pills, but a couple hits a little TV n see ya tomorrow. BUY at least TWO . you will want one for another day Peace Voodoo Idol
75% recommends Blueberry Space Cake
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Was this review helpful to you? yes no
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