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blueberry afghani

Blueberry afghani

We do not support in any way whatsoever the contravention of legislation. We offer a law-abiding service educating the pubic about the characteristics of various cannabis geno-types and give access to cannabis seeds to people with an address in Europe 18 years old and above.

Sensi Seeds seed bank ships marijuana seeds to states in the European Union. Sensi Seeds will not send marijuana seeds to states outside the EU. Other products such as merchandise can be sent worldwide.
These additional characteristics is provided Afghani #1 genetics providing a short but high-yielding plant and a much shorter flowering time.

Other countries have prohibitive legislation that restricts any of its citizens from cultivating cannabis for any reason.
New strain Sensi #11 are now available as feminised seeds. A Blueberry x Afghani x Silver Haze cross, the result is a smooth and fruity end product. It is earthy and enjoys a delightful burst of haze to stimulate those cerebral centers.
Like frosting on a well-baked cake, the Blueberry influence adds the delicious and satisfying flavour to this new strain.
Some states allow the growing of cannabis as along as it is for medical use. Some states have laws aiming to discourage the growing of cannabis unless one obtains a license beforehand.
Dealing in cannabis seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions.

1 seeds€7.01
3 seeds€17.50
5 seeds€28.00
10 seeds€53.00

New strain Sensi #11 from Seni – Blueberry x Afghani x Silver Haze cross, the result is a smooth and fruity taste, enhanced by a delightful burst of haze.

Afghani Cannabis Strain seeds is one of the original pure Indica strains that are native to the mountains of Afghanistan. It is prized for its sturdy genetics and high potency. This is one of the oldest strains and that has been perfected over the centuries by both natural selection and human breeding. The Afghani strain cannabis reached the shores of North America after its cultivation in Afghanistan banned the production of cannabis under pressure from the Nixon administration. The two popular stains Northern Lights and Blueberry owe significant parts of their composition to the afghan cannabis seeds strain. Both are Cannabis Cup winners. Afghan weed can sometimes be hard to come by as it is considered a building block strain. It has THC levels between 15 and 20% and CBD levels of 0.6%.

It is recommended that users should surround themselves in a soothing and familiar environment before consumption.

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Afghani buds are usually pale to medium green. They have a significant quality of orange hairs and a thick coating of trichomes as a result of which and be very tacky to the touch. Afghan weed is famous for its pungent smell. It has a skunky smell with traces of diesel-like odor as well. Light citrus smell is also one of the common smells associated with Afghani marijuana. When it is ground or broken open the earthy notes are intensified and when ignited and smoked, like many Indicas, it can be harsh and thick, lingering in the back of the throat and inducing coughing.
Replacement within 30 days
The deep body high and the strong sense of relaxation -which is often associated with pure Indicas – is the strongest effect felt by recreational users. Amongst some users, an enhanced sense of appetite is also reported. Because of these effects, it is best suited for nighttime consumption as a result of its couch lock and sleepiness effects.

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