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blue northern lights

Blue northern lights

The taste / flavour of Northern Light Blue was characterized as Sweet (Fruity and also a little bit Sugar and Cookie Dough), a little bit Bitter and additionally as minimal Sour, Spicy (Pine and also a little bit Hashish) and Microbiological. . read more

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5% Whipped Cream

I like this plant indoors it taste pretty good, buds are rock hard and smell great,like onionie pine. The first hit out of a pipe tastes like some kind of crazy good OG cross to me with my set up, but it all depends on how You grow it could taste totally different but i love the OG type taste, but i grow great pot and i like this one im sure you will to, though its not a plant that i would fill my grow room with.maybe 2 to 4 out of 12 plants.
5 to 6 Oz’s Per Plant is pretty ez with this and 7 gallon pots,Coco coir,perlite, 1000w hps,GH fert, one 1000 on a track will cover 6 to 9 plants well.
Rating says 8.75 but should be 9.50 at least.
Genotype: 100% Indica
Outdoor Harvest: middle of October
Flowering Time: 50 – 55 days
Production: 500 g/m² indoor; 450 g/plant outdoor
THC Level: 20%
Grown with sunlight m30-GrowLED. Cured for only 2 months – therefore the effect might have been softer, than when properly cured. It lasted about 1 – 1,5 hours
I tried this plant with one seed it is most amazing plant in the garden strong fast growing,It was planted late this year so I don’t know the proper size I pruned it to form many branches outdoorsits a short plant about 5 ft by 5ft planted in 200 gal potswith no bottom only ground, we had a weird year this year with all the plants, its been raining early this year for a week, buds were not ready yet, so far no mold it has put out the largest buds I have ever seen such big long fat buds one branch looks to be a half pound size of my calf all by itself its about 20 inches long. I will update on the smell and taste when done.
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Blue northern lights

At the poles, however, the magnetosphere is more vulnerable to intruders. Particles traveling to the poles at high speeds can break through the magnetosphere’s protective barrier. When these intruding particles interact with different elements in the atmosphere, the result is a spectacular display of colored light across the sky. Auroras over the North Pole are known as the northern lights, while their southern counterpart are dubbed the southern lights.

Auroras occur when the solar wind, or charged particles emanating from the sun, meet Earth’s magnetosphere. This massive magnetic field encases our planet, shielding it from the solar wind by redirecting incoming charged particles. Most of the solar wind particles are redirected back into space.
Skywatchers hoping to see a colorful display of auroras can monitor the space weather forecast for increased solar activity by following the space weather forecast from the Space Weather Prediction Group at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. When Malone shot her video of the blue northern lights over Michigan, “There had been a forecast of a relatively strong aurora,” she said, “so I knew there might be a chance for some stronger activity.” [How the Northern Lights Work (Infographic)]

Auroras that display such vibrant hues of blue are a rare sight for skywatchers – even those observing near Earth’s North and South poles, where the lights are most visible. Although auroras can take on a whole spectrum of colors, green and pink are the most common. [The Most Amazing Aurora Pictures of 2016 (Gallery)]
On St. Patrick’s Day 2015, astrophotographer Shawn Malone set out once again to capture the northern lights over Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan. But this time, instead of seeing the usual green aurora, she stumbled upon something unlike anything she had ever seen before: a vivid, rainbow-colored sky with rare, prominent streaks of blue.
The different colors are the result of solar particles interacting with molecules in the atmosphere. Common green and yellow auroras occur when the charged particles excite oxygen molecules. Excited nitrogen can create shades of red and violet. The rare blue lights only happen when the nitrogen is ionized. [The Best Places (and Time) to See the Northern Lights]
When the sun spews extra particles toward Earth – the result of increased solar activity like sunspots – aurorae become supercharged. These auroras tend to be brighter and more colorful than usual.
“When I saw the large spectrum of color, including the magentas and especially the blues, I was completely shocked,” Malone told in a recent email chronicling the March 17, 2015, sight. “That is the most beautiful blue I have ever captured, and I’ve been photographing the aurora for about 15 years now.” Malone also captured a stunning time-lapse video of the blue auroras, which you can see on Malone’s Facebook here.

For the most beautiful view of the auroras, a good camera can reveal colors that the human eye might not see. It wasn’t until after Malone shot the time-lapse video of the aurora over Lake Superior that she realized how colorful it really was. “If you watch carefully, you can see me walking through the frame — something I would have never done if I knew exactly what I was capturing at the moment.”

When rare blue auroras lit up the sky above Michigan’s Lake Superior on St. Patrick’s Day in 2015, veteran night sky photographer Shawn Malone was amazed by the northern lights display.