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blue fantasy strain

Blue fantasy strain
Solventless wax
Originating in Colorado, this is the highest quality water hash with a similar look to solvent-based concentrates.
Description – Strong smell of Citrus and diesel. So much it almost knocks your socks off. Amazing unique flavor, hard to pin down other than citrus. Amazing through a vaporizer.
Lineage – California Sour, Lost Coast OG
Cannabidiol (CBD)
A molecule present in the cannabis plant. Recently, patients have experienced medical benefits without any psychoactive effects of THC by using strains that have higher percentages of CBD. Most commonly consumed as a topical, tincture, or smoke-able oil.
Terpene Distillation
A relatively new practice extracting terpenes from the cannabis plant using molecular distillation.
Micron grade
Refers to the screen size of a micron bag which is used to collect trichomes when making bubble hash. Some of the most used micron grades are 73u, 90u, and 140u.
Description – Clementine is a sweet little Sativa with mild effects and a nice flavor. Pretty little buds with short orange hairs. Not much of a head buzz for being a sativa, but it did calm the nerves a bit and gave a slight boost in sociability.
Classification – Hybrid
Classification – Hybrid
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