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blue dream grow guide

Blue dream grow guide

Three days later the seed germinated, so that brown stuff you see there that’s Mycorrhizae looks a little gross I know, but trust me it’s good stuff. Alright, so the seedling is going to be transferred over to soil. I’m going to use the regular plastic cup I’ve poked some holes in the bottom and fill it up with Fox Farm soil. I’ve dug a little hole in the soil and sprinkle a little bit of Mycorrhizae in there, I’m going to drop my seed in and cover it I’m going to put the cup underneath the CFL light bulb and check back in the few days.

The plant is moving along nicely it’s growing pretty fast, good branch development, good leaf development inter note spacing is short, it’s doing really good the plants is about 15 and a half inches tall and about 18 inches wide. Oh by the way guys, I picked up some clones from buds and roses about a week ago and I planted them in soil – they’re just starting to settle in, so these are going to be OG’s and purple plants.
It looks like the soil is dry again and I have to water again now as the plants get bigger – the roots fill up the cup, the nutrients get used up and you can keep it in here, but you’re going to have to water a lot more and you’re probably going to have to fertilize. I’m not going to do that, so I’m going to water the same way again and I’m going to transplant this plant out in a few days.

This pack only came with three seeds. I’m only going to germinate one, my paper towel is nice and damp so I’m going to drop the seed right in the middle, sprinkle some Mycorrhizae on top, fold my damp paper towel over twice and put it inside of a sandwich bag.
Alright, so it’s been 15 days since we harvested. The flowers have been curing in the 8 liter C-vault and this thing is great . you know I didn’t know how I felt about it when I first reviewed it, but now that I’ve had the chance to use it this things pretty awesome, it’s convenient, it seals airtight it doesn’t let any light in and it looks good. I didn’t use humidor packs this time around I just didn’t see a need. If this harvest last me a few weeks I’ll probably put one in this, so it doesn’t dry out.
I really just concentrating on keeping my temperature and humidity in the right range. The weather’s been nice in Southern California. The highest temperature I’ve had in the tent is about 78 degrees and the lowest nighttime temperature is about 65. The Dulux doesn’t put out that much heat, so I haven’t had to use my air conditioner at all for this grow.
Getting back to germinating our seeds, we have moisture in a wet paper towel and the sandwich bag is in the trap that it is sort of like a greenhouse all the seed needs to germinate is water and warmth. I’m going to use a heating pad to create the warmth that the seed needs to germinate. I’m going to put it somewhere dark and I’ll comeback and check on this in a few days.
The serrated leaves are showing and the plants moving along really nicely.

Dried for 8 days

Can I grow my own Blue Dream at Home? Yes you can harvest 30 oz. from six of you own plants …