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blue cheese grow journal

Blue cheese grow journal

Height: Short to Medium

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Genetics: Cheese (Skunk No. 1 (Cheese) x Afghani) x Blueberry

Smell: Sweet & Sour, often tropical and/or fruity with hints of the famous “cheese” smell.
Forgiving and ultra easy to grow indoors with pretty good yields. Naturally mold-resistant (which is partly why this strain is popular in humid climates like the UK). This strain is not as good for growing outdoors with stealth because the powerful smell gives it away. Most plants grow short and stocky with lots of side branching, though certain plants tend to grow a bit taller. Responds very well to plant training. Needs about 8-10 weeks in the flowering stage to allow her to fatten up properly and produce her signature stinky potent buds.
Flowering Time: Short-Medium (8-10 weeks)
Blue Cheese by Big Buddha seeds is a stablized (indica-leaning) F1 Hybrid bred from the original U.K. Cheese (mother) and a specially selected Blueberry (father). The smell of the buds are often fruity, sweet and sometimes sour or spicy or with hints of the famous “cheese” smell. In fact the incredibly strong smell of the buds in flowering may be overwhelming. Very popular strain that is gaining a lot of attention lately. Powerful and stoney effect has been described as “euphoric”.
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Mostly Indica

Blue Cheese (by Big Buddha Seeds) – Strain Review Photoperiod Strain Mostly Indica Height: Short to Medium Flowering Time: Short-Medium (8-10 weeks) Genetics: Cheese